Miracle Activation

June 6, 2022

We’re activating our miracles NOW!

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Miracles require tremendous effort and are only for special people.

Just kidding!

People think that miracles are only for people who are the chosen ones.

It’s just not true! 

As Jesus says in A Course in Miracles, “ALL are chosen.”

One of the things I love so much about my Finding Freedom From Fear  is how excited people get when they realize they can live a miraculous life.  People sometimes think that living a miraculous life is for other people, but not for them.  

A Course in Miracles, which is a curriculum entirely focused on recovering our miraculous mind and miraculous abilities, tells us that miracles are natural.  This teaching gives us clear instruction in how to activate our miraculous life and it works!  That feels miraculous to me!

In last week’s Spiritual Counseling Training Intensive we had a conversation about willingness and readiness.  Our willingness IS our readiness.  Let me always be completely willing to experience a miraculous shift in my mind and in my life because I’m choosing Love.

It all comes down to our willingness be more loving with ourselves and others.  Some people wouldn’t cross the street to experience a miracle because they’re so convinced it’s not possible for them.  What makes it possible is making the loving choice.  Even just being willing to make a more loving choice now than I’ve made in the past opens the gateway to miracles.  The willingness is a miracle in itself!  

My willingness ACTIVATES the miracle.  

Miracles aren’t what happens in our life experience.  Miracles aren’t the events and occurrences that feel miraculous. Miracles are when we align with truth and surrender the blocks to Love.  This happens because of our willingness to change our mind.  Once our mind changes, then, our life shifts and changes in accordance with the shift in our willingness to BE loving and stop blocking the flow.  

I am so grateful that it’s possible for anyone to shift and change their life through their willingness to do so.  I love that we don’t have to know HOW to have a miracle, we only have to ALLOW.  That’s the truth.

I never tire of the truth.  It’s always exciting to me, always new, always fresh and invigorating.  I’m so grateful that we can cultivate our willingness and have an extraordinary healing.  I’m claiming it for us NOW!

Are you willing to join me and activate a miracle now?

FINDING FREEDOM starts June 13! I haven’t offered Finding Freedom From Fear, my spiritual bootcamp class with ACIM principles in 8 months – this is your chance, if you’d like to join me and GO FOR IT!  Don’t put your healing and happiness off 1 more day. We will do the forgiveness work together in class.

My Finding Freedom From Fear spiritual bootcamp isn’t for everyone – it’s for those who are ready and willing to dive in and live the Love.  We’re doing it together!

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  1. Tedd Swartz says:

    💫🧡💫Thanks Jennifer!

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