My Aspiration Is Healing

June 24, 2022

We can live our life in full bloom and bring benefit to all.

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In my programs we focus on our aspiration, intention and goals.   We find it helpful to keep our attention on what we’d like rather than what we don’t like.  

Back about 22 years ago, I decided to write out my aspiration, frame it and focus on it.  My aspiration/intention/goal is to live as the Christ Consciousness demonstrating Love, Compassion, Beauty, Affluence & Wisdom.  

Just holding that aspiration for the last 22 years or so has been life-changing for me … and for the world.

When we hold an aspiration and energize it daily, our life begins to shift and change in order to manifest and demonstrate it – to bring it into our experience.  When one person holds an aspiration to rise in vibration and live in alignment with truth, ALL beings are raised up with them.  

As I am lifted, all are lifted.  

A Course in Miracles tells us, “seek not to change the world, but to change your mind about the world.” 

When I’m holding a high aspiration, it is a gift that I’m giving to everyone, because I’m one with everyone.

Some people prefer not to recognize the power and impact of their thought.  Some prefer to believe that they have a very small sphere of influence, but if we share the same mind with ALL, our aspiration is actively affecting everyone.  

Some people believe that it doesn’t matter what they aspire to because these things don’t work for them.

It takes courage to hold a high aspiration and not feel unworthy.  That’s why years ago I decided to come out of the “spiritual closet” and let people know that I am aspiring to awaken, to attain enlightenment.  I’m not shirking my spiritual responsibility, and I’m not thinking the goal is too high for me to attain.  

Instead of focusing on what my ego thinks is impossible, I’m focusing on what God KNOWS is happening.  I AM awakening.  I AM attaining enlightenment.  I am discovering the Christ has been hidden in my mind all along.

Because I AM willing to know that I AM worthy, I am broadcasting that vibration throughout the Universe and it’s having a healing effect.

I AM willing to be a lighthouse, broadcasting the clear light of truth, even though, each and every day, I fall down and find myself momentarily thinking negative thoughts.  I don’t dwell on that.  I turn it UP and over to Spirit.

I AM willing to be the change I wish to see in the world.  It’s happening NOW!

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  1. Tedd Swartz says:

    Thanks Jennifer 💫🧡💫

I enjoy offering daily writing and prayer. It’s a gift to me to be able to share. You can help me by sharing and commenting on social media. So many are looking for inspiration - let’s be a support to those who are searching! Thank you for caring and sharing!

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