My faith kept me centered

June 2, 2022

Sattva has a peaceful nap on his window perch.

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The night before last, my precious kitten, Sattva took off into the night around 10pm.  I’d opened the door to let Bodhi back in and Sattva took the opportunity to go for a midnight run.  

He does something like that every once in a while and yet, he’s still new, he’s still a baby, and it’s usually not so late at night.  You see, I live out in the country, on a dirt road and there’s lots of critters here.  There’s 300 pound bears roaming the hood.  We’ve got packs of coyotes, mountain lions, foxes, owls, hawks, eagles – and all might be interested in having Sattva as part of their menu.  

Usually I call him and he’ll come, especially if he’s hungry and it’s time for a meal.  (He’s still a baby and he eats four times a day.)  This time he wasn’t coming.  It got to be about an hour.  I went out to look for him as he usually stays close to the house, but not this time.

I had the concern that he could’ve run to the woods, anywhere around the house and be eaten by a critter who eats critters.  I was concerned, but not afraid.  I was concerned, but not worried or fretful.  I trusted he’d return when he was ready and all would be well – and if it went differently than I would like, I’d deal with that.  Fear wasn’t a part of my experience.

He came home after an hour with wet little paws from walking around in the dewy grass.  He was happy to be home and ready to eat.  I was grateful.  

My faith keeps me centered and balanced.  

These recent years have been so fraught with worry and fear.  For many, the pandemic has been truly frightening.  I don’t need to tell you how scared some people have been.  Many have had tremendous fears and worries around politics.  

Lately people have been telling me they fear World War III or a nuclear holocaust.  

Now, it seems like Covid just keeps going.  Then there’s long covid.

Most of the gains people made in the stock market in the last 2 years have gone in recent months and we’re back to where we were.  

And now some people in the U.S. are afraid to send their children to school.  Cancel that – some people are terrified to send their children to school.  

I cannot say it enough:  Fear is NOT a reaction to the situations and circumstances of the world.

It just seems like it is.

Fear is a lens – it’s the way we look at life.

Fear is a false view.

When we’re afraid, we’re not seeing things correctly.  We’re mistaken.

We’re NEVER upset for the reason we think. 

That’s what A Course in Miracles teaches us.  We’re NEVER upset for the reason we think – it’s always something else.  

Just think about that for a minute.

If you’re upset and think it’s because of something happening in your health – but that’s NOT the reason you’re upset and all your efforts are to try to fix your health, then you’re not going to solve the cause of the upset and even if you fix your health, your upset will just get transferred to something else.  

That’s very intense!  And yet, this need not be how we live our life – we CAN heal the root causes of upset.  It’s so much easier than people think – but it does require real willingness.

We can learn to see life correctly.

We can learn to release the root causes of fear, and heal the habits of fear.  

This has been my profession and my passion now for about 15 years and working with thousands of people, I’ve learned A LOT.

I’m grateful to have learned that spiritual practice can bring such practical benefits as Peace and a sense of safety and Freedom.  

I can feel calm in the midst of intensity.  

I can feel safe when things are threatening.  

I can feel prosperous when finances are challenging.  

I can feel peaceful when life is challenging.

These are real and tangible benefits from my spiritual practices.

I think my favorite benefit is when people tell me their marriage went from ready to sign the divorce papers to recommitting to the marriage.  Or when families who haven’t spoken in years are looking forward to spending the holidays together.  I also love it when someone who ghosted them years ago returns to apologize and rekindle the relationship.  

Spiritual practice is so life-changing and life-healing that it’s hard to imagine or believe that it could really work for us.

I used to think, “these things work for other people, but not for me.”  I thought that until I was willing to give it my best anyway.  I decided to go ALL IN for God and just do my best with things and be along for the journey rather than the destination.

And that changed everything for me.

The turning point was a decision I made to be ALL IN, even though I couldn’t actually go ALL IN, I could intend to do the best I could and that made everything different.

Right now, we’re being called to model and demonstrate the way of the peaceful person so that everyone will be inspired to give up these fearful ways.  Everything we need is being given to us when we’re willing.  Things are not going to get more peaceful in the world until we are peaceful in our hearts and minds.  Peace is the way we walk in God.

Each of us has what it takes, even if we think that we don’t.  

AND it’s much easier to do it together.  It’s also a WHOLE LOT more FUN!

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