Opening to Receive

June 15, 2022

Let’s be available to receive the good in life!

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I remember in the early days of my first offering major online events, I was nervous about the technology and I needed support to be able to do the class.  I had a certain block about just focusing in and learning what I needed to know if I had to do the class by myself.

I can see now one of the main things that was going on for me is that I really had a desire for the support and I let it become an excuse because I was nervous about using the technology by myself.  It’s not the first time I’ve felt that way.  It’s a pretty common thing.  It’s as though we trick ourselves into believing we can’t learn it.

Over the years I’ve come to love technology and I’m no longer intimidated by it.  Running a global online ministry, I’ve come to recognize that many people have issues with technology – most of us have challenges with something that gives us an opportunity to work with our mind and to see where our practice is.

Also, I’ve learned from being a spiritual counselor for 23 years that when we have resistance to something it sometimes shows up as having difficulty making a connection.  I’ve seen it in phone sessions when someone keeps dropping the call or we have a poor connection.  

Our feelings and experiences of resistance are helpful to us.  We can use our awareness of resistance and reluctance to help us identify where the opportunity to have a breakthrough is.  The more intense the feeling, the closer we are to a breakthrough!

I’ve learned to give it to the Higher Holy Spirit Self as soon as possible and not to struggle with it at all. I’ve also learned to ask for help from people.  Learning to receive help well, and to be receptive in general has improved the quality of every day of my life.  After all, there really is only one source. Everything I receive, I receive only from God.

Whenever we’re deciding to change our lives, we can open to Spirit, and choose Love rather than the frustration of separation, the opportunity to be challenged will come.  The challenges support us in deciding what is truly important to us.  Challenges push us to grow.

I know I’ve said it many times, but if you’d like to get any support or assistance with the technology or any other thing, we’re here to help you.  There’s a team of us.  You don’t ever have to manage, cope or struggle on your own.  

As spiritual students, part of our growth is opening to receive.

Being receptive is ESSENTIAL to our spiritual growth.  Everything we receive comes from Spirit – where else could it come from?

Opening up to receive is a great skill to have.   It has changed my life!  

In my programs, I encourage people to look around their life and see where they might be denying themselves the opportunity to receive.

We need to ask ourselves, “do we actually believe giving is better than receiving?”  

Today, let’s enjoy the gifts of God and allow ourselves to receive them all.  We are worthy!

If you’d like to have a major increase in your experiences of direct knowing and miracles, you might like my Finding Freedom From Fear, spiritual bootcamp class with ACIM principles.  I haven’t offered this class in 9 months – this is your chance, if you’d like to join me and GO FOR IT!  

If this is right for you right now, you’ll know it.

Trust your intuition! If you’ve been thinking about doing my Finding Freedom From Fear Bootcamp for a while, but just haven’t been ready, consider booking an exploratory call with one of the spiritual counselors.  They can answer all your questions and you’ll know what’s best for you. Book an exploratory call today!  

My Finding Freedom From Fear spiritual bootcamp isn’t for everyone – it’s for those who are willing to dive in and live the Love to the best of their ability – even if you think you can’t.  Click here now to learn more.

Let’s have REAL and lasting transformation this summer with spiritual practice that brings benefit and healing for all.  Now is the time for us to dive deep and eliminate the patterns of fear in our life.  I thank you for being on the journey with me! We begin on June 20th

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