Heaven On Earth

July 6, 2022

I’m choosing heaven today!

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Spirit showed me that my judgments were ruining my life.  My opinions were sucking the Joy right out of me.

Once I saw that this was actually true, I decided to become mindful of all my judgments.  That’s when I discovered how intensely judgmental I was.  

My willingness to be mindful brought so much insight!

I realized that within minutes of judging someone I’d have a judgment about myself.  

Every judgment, every projection was like a boomerang that came back and hit me in the head with force.  

Here’s how I got some real relief:  I learned to be grateful for this because when I become aware of the judgment I can remember that it’s only going to lead to suffering.  And then out of self-Love I can drop it like it’s hot.

Having this awareness of how the thought pattern of separation in the judgment boomerangs into my suffering has helped me to stop playing small.  In the past, I’ve played small by habitually judging and then being preoccupied with cleaning up the upset caused by the boomerang.  Phew!

I’ve had so many judgments about my self and I’ve had to surrender each and every one of them in order to be free.  Since the key to living in the present moment and experiencing the free flow of prosperity is to forgive the past, we must release the judgments that bind us to the past.

I don’t know anyone that hasn’t made hundreds of mis-takes from the smallest to the “biggest,” – whatever BIG means.  We’re all learning how to BE more loving, kind and aware.  We learn THROUGH our mistakes.  

We’re UN-learning to buy into the myriad of judgments its possible to have.  This requires our constant attention.

How to speed things up?  Focus on TRUE forgiveness – which is self-Forgiveness.  Let’s release the meaning we made about the past and go forward feeling free.  It really works, but it does require our attention and willingness.

Every day is a day closer to heaven on earth when we practice true forgiveness.

Heaven or hell, we choose what we feel we’re deserving of.  I’m choosing heaven today!

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