I love a challenge!

July 31, 2022

A more loving life is worth hanging out for.

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“The reward of patience is patience.” My mother taught me that quote from Saint Augustine. It’s so completely true. The reward of patience is having patience and remaining at Peace.

I feel one of the greatest benefits of my spiritual practice is being able to be patient with people that others sometimes find annoying or irritating.

For me, those situations are a challenge.

Can I love the person as they are and not try to change them?

Can I be patient with their personality without needing to reject them or teach them. I find that the person will often have a breakthrough because of the Love.  One person actually extending Love and compassion to them can transform their life.

When I can fully Love the folks who feel unlovable, my heart opens and expands and I like that feeling. I feel that I am being a healing presence in those times and I like that. Of course, the one who is receiving the most healing in these situations is me.

Being patient and kind with people who are impatient and unkind is an opportunity to expand my capacity. It’s also an opportunity to model patience and kindness. That’s one of the best ways for people to learn – to see it in action.

I never imagined I could be someone who could model and teach patience, kindness, generosity, compassion – if you had known me back in the day the very thought would make you laugh.  Yet, my desire to learn and master these things (still working on it every day) is what has brought my success.

I went through a period where practicing patience was very challenging.

In a way, it’s good that it was so challenging because that propelled me to be successful.

I liked the challenge.

Now, much of the time, it’s easy and there’s not much challenge. Still, being able to stay patient when life is challenging is very satisfying. It definitely has it’s own reward.

I invite you to make being patient an important part of your spiritual practice. You might do what I did, which is to look for opportunities to practice and be successful. It was deeply healing to me because it was an active practice of Love and Love truly is the healer of our misperceptions.

I still lose my patience from time to time, but I’m more patient today than I was yesterday. Being more patient makes us a more loving presence and that brings so much benefit to all. When one is lifted all are blessed!

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