Not Punished

July 8, 2022

You can have punishment or Joy, but you cannot have both.

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My message to those who suffer is that you are not being punished.

God is not punishing you.  

Punishment is an egotistical idea that only leads to more suffering.  We, as Light Workers, must call for the end of punishment.  That might seem like a radical idea, but I can tell you, I’ve seen with my own eyes, and felt with my own heart the difference it makes when someone corrects me with Love versus when someone corrects me with anger and attack.

Take a moment now, bring to mind someone that you dearly Love, someone that you hold as so completely precious that you’d never, ever wish to hurt them.  

Now consider, what if they did something to you personally that was an attack?  What if this precious, dear, beloved being that you cherish broke something you held as a treasure?  What if they lashed out at you and said hateful things to you?  What if they hurt themselves just to attack you and get back at you?

Those are the things that we seem to do to Spirit/life – in this world.

We break the earth, Mother Nature, the water and the air – God’s precious treasures – we trash them.

We lash out and say hateful things to ourselves and to others.

We hurt ourselves to attack our parents, people who care about us, and Spirit.

And still we are God’s beloved, precious being, everyone of us.  Even Hitler.  Even the pedophile.  

We do so much that Spirit could be offended by if Spirit could be offended – but God doesn’t punish us, ever.  Spirit does everything, and I do mean EVERYTHING, in this world to show us the way to Love.  Like attracts like in this world so that we can see the vibrational ramifications of our choices and learn in that way.  It’s not punishment.

God has given us the power to bring things into manifestation all day, every day, with our thoughts and beliefs.  God doesn’t punish us if we choose attack – but we’ll surely discover what attack feels like because every attack thought cannot be felt by others and not also be felt by us.  We are one.  

Because we’re one, we’ll ALWAYS feel the ramifications of EVERY choice that we make.  The point is to help us so we don’t go down the rabbit hole of blowing up everyone and everything.  Some people learn compassion through pain and suffering – I certainly did.  

We can interrupt these patterns of lack and attack.

In fact, that’s our mission.

Like many around the world I’ve been watching the travesties that are happening all around us.  When I tune in, I sense the devastation people are feeling, the suffering is immense.  

I feel how intense things are for the people all over the world right now. 

The ego temptation is to wonder if those people are being punished.

People who experience this kind of ravaging, whether it’s a flood, famine, fire, pestilence, war or a car accident, a precious child’s crib death, cancer, a stillborn baby, a beloved dog hit by a car – people will often ask themselves if they’re being punished.  The answer is no.  Unequivicably NO.  That is not God’s way.

Divine Grace is omni-active and omni-present.

To see it, BE it.  

Be God’s agent of Grace in this world – that’s your mission.

In this world, I’ve experienced a process of elimination of false beliefs that brings my illumination.

Today, let’s give up the idea of punishment and let that be the gift we give to our brother’s and sisters.  

Look within your own heart – is there anyone you would punish?

Do you feel it’s better to learn through punishment?

Is that your personal preference?

Or would you like to remember through Joy?

Let’s give up learning through pain.

Let’s be aware that we can remember everything there is to know – it’s already pre-installed.  Let’s recover our natural Joy and be Joy-full.

You can have punishment or Joy, but you cannot have both.  

What will YOU choose this day?

Let’s all begin to see how we can praise and give thanks for people’s loving choices and thereby encourage them to continue BEING that vibration in this world.

BTW – it works with ourselves.  I do that with myself each day – I give myself, God and the angels, praise and appreciation for my own loving choices and the guidance I receive!

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    Eyes of Love
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