Prosperity Flowing

July 2, 2022

We can live in the flow of Prosperity.

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Let’s invite more Prosperity into our experience, but first, let’s define the term.  I think of Prosperity as being a consistent experience of well being that includes a harmonious experience of life.  It’s a good night’s sleep and good digestion, as well as feeling that I have enough to pay my bills.  It’s being able to experience Beauty and a sense of being in the flow of the all good.

Aren’t most people interested in experiencing more prosperity?  

From a spiritual perspective, Prosperity is more than Abundance of cash flow and material wealth.

It’s a happy and harmonious family.  It’s having great relationships at work.  It’s feeling good about yourself.  

Since we allshare the same mind, it’s just not possible to experience the flow of Prosperity and Abundance and be complaining about life around us.  How could we feel prosperous AND be complaining at the same time?  It’s like trying to ride two different horses in different directions.  It’s not possible.  

We can’t feel blessed AND complain at the same time.

Someone once said “complaining makes you a crap magnet.”  

I say, complaining is an affirmation of lack and limitation.  If you’d like to experience more flow of prosperity and abundance, quit complaining.  It’s really that simple.

It doesn’t mean you can’t say what you’d like, and ask for what you’d like, but rest your mind in Love and Gratitude practices.

There’s always so much to be grateful for.  Even in the very worst times of my life I still had so much to be grateful for.  Even when I couldn’t pay my bills and felt frightened, I still had so much to be grateful for.

Gratitude multiplies the good.  

Taking offense, holding onto resentments, blaming others, attacking anyone including ourselves, takes us out of the flow.

People are often willing to do all kinds of things to try to increase the flow of Prosperity in their lives.

If Prosperity is an issue for you, would you be willing to give up complaining and judging?  It’s actually much easier, more fun and more beneficial than anyone realizes.

People think it’s too hard to quit complaining, but it’s really not, it just requires willingness and the decision to do so.  Why not make life easier on yourself, starting today?

Let’s be magnets for good.

Let’s support the flow of Love by being grateful and extending the gratitude to all.

“To have, give all to all,” is the teaching of A Course in Miracles.  To have Love, share Love.  To be prosperous, share prosperity.  To feel blessed, offer blessings.

It’s simple and that’s the very essence of a good life – simply BEING the blessing is an expression of prosperity that we can all appreciate.  Now’s the perfect time to demonstrate what a blessed life really is.

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    Eyes of Love
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