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July 19, 2022

We can break free of the painful perspective.

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As an A Course in Miracles student, I know that “pain is a wrong perspective,” as it says in lesson 190 which is “I choose the joy of God instead of pain.” 

Many people believe that it’s not possible to have a life without pain and that we must have pain in our lives.  I don’t agree with that, but I also don’t need to judge when there is pain.  That’s adding injury to injury.  We might have some pain in our lives, to help us identify the stinkin’ thinkin’, but it doesn’t have to be ongoing and constant pain.

I’m for a pain-free life, a life of learning through joy.  And I’m learning/remembering how to get there.

I experience a minor amount of physical pain, and rarely experience emotional or mental pain anymore – but they used to be pretty steady.  I’ve had times in my life when there was a lot of pain, and I wish I had known that “pain is a wrong perspective.”

I wish I had known that my willingness is all that’s required.

This is what compels me to share what I’m discovering and learning about what’s possible for us.

I believe we can all be shining examples of joyful learners!

If you absolutely knew that Spirit could transform your perspective your pain and suffering to Peace and Prosperity, but it would take two to five years, depending upon your willingness, would you delay?  

Because I thought this spiritual stuff couldn’t REALLY work for me, I delayed giving it my all. Instead, I chose self-medication to numb the pain of thinking it couldn’t really work for me. I used self-medication to numb the pain of my wrong perspective.

If only I had known to put Spirit in charge, because Spirit can’t fail.

If you put Spirit in charge, and knew you couldn’t fail, would you start to do differently?  

When I had so much pain in my life, one of my constant thoughts was, that I had SO FAR TO GO.  

I wish I had known then, that I didn’t have ANYWHERE as far to go as I thought I did.  I did the biggest part of my transformation in two years.  TWO YEARS!!  This is why my programs are in depth, and Masterful Living is a full year, with the ability to continue on for many years.  So, we don’t give up and keep going!

Had I been able to comprehend how much faster I could reach a place of mostly Peace and happiness, I would have stopped delaying and gotten on with it decades sooner.  

I just didn’t know.

This is really a big part of why I write this daily shot of Spiritual Espresso each day, and why I record a new prayer each day, because we can get there so much faster than we think.  Knowing this helps us get to the place of Peace faster!  

ACIM also says that our willingness is all that’s required.  What helped me to really increase my willingness was to start saying these affirmations:

I am willing to be all-in for Love.

I am doing it now.

God is working through me now.

Healing is happening now.

I accept and allow my healing with my whole heart.

I am grateful for my healing!

I encourage you to work with these and find your own!  

Stinking’ thinking’ and this kind of self-sabotage is why I created my End My Self-Sabotage Challenge that starts July 20th – the first week is free.  I cannot tell you what a great gift it was to give myself – to liberate from that pattern of darkness that ran so much of my life and my choices was worth everything I put into it.  I wish I had any clue a decade sooner that I could really break free.  I would have gone for it if I’d known.  Check out this breakthrough program and see how you can benefit!

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  • Related Posts:

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