Accepting the Atonement is Freedom

August 27, 2022

I am choosing unity and oneness. I choose Freedom!

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Have you ever suffered under an oppressive delusion and then let it go and felt the amazing freedom that comes from living without that weight?

I used to be firmly convinced that there was something fundamentally wrong with me that was so bad, and so wrong that it probably meant I was essentially evil at my core, and all my good works couldn’t fix it or make it go away.  

I believed that the best I could do was cover “my original sin” up like putting make up over a black eye.

Fortunately, I turned it over to Spirit.

I focused on being willing to know and see and feel the truth.

The truth really did set me free.

I began to have realizations of truth that chipped away at my core false belief.

Ultimately I realized that, since I’m one with everyone, then either everyone is fundamentally bad or none is.  I couldn’t believe that everyone was evil.  I knew that wasn’t true.

I became committed to seeing the Christ in everyone, and to seeing their fundamental goodness and beauty and then one day I realized I could see these things in myself.  My willingness to see the truth of everyone allowed me to see it in myself.  

I had to be willing to give up the idea that anyone was better than or less than in order to finally realize that we’re one.  Since we’re one and therefore we’re fundamentally the same.  

This is why accepting the Atonement for ourselves is critical to our remembering the truth.

Accepting the Atonement means accepting that there has never been separation nor could there ever be.  

Willingness.  We must be willing to recognize we’re one with everyone.  

If we’re not willing, then we’re in prison with everyone.

Freedom or prison.  Oneness or separation.

What will you see today?

“Is there someone you dislike so much that you’ll choose to imprison yourself with them?  

Or are you willing to choose Freedom for yourself and share it with everyone?”

These are the questions I ask myself and I share them with you.

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