Answering the Call

August 10, 2022

We’re answering the call

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A Course in Miracles tells us that a Teacher of God is anyone who would like to be one.  Jesus says that the only qualification is that somehow, somewhere, we saw that we were one with someone else.

Jesus also tells us that all are called to stand in the identity of the Teacher of God, but few are willing.

We don’t feel worthy.  We feel unwilling to accept this opportunity because we see it as a challenge.

Let’s just face it:  no matter what we choose in life there will be challenges.  

There are the kind of challenges that seem hard and difficult before you even begin.  

There are the challenges that seem impossible.

There are the challenges that seem unwanted and undesirable, that seem like a nightmare.

And then there are the challenges that strengthen us and bring out the very best in us.

Loving someone is a challenge.

Being peaceful is a challenge.

There will always be challenges, so why be afraid of any particular challenge?  Each challenge will bring us some wonderful gift IF WE LET IT.  If we see it as the opportunity that it is, we will be refined and strengthened by the challenge, we may even be renewed and restored.

My mother’s long, slow death from cancer was a challenge in so many ways.  It gave me the greatest gifts of my life in terms of the strengthening of my mind, the opening of my heart and the healing of my false beliefs.  It brought me so many benefits.  And, of course, it was an unwanted challenge.

We’re ready to wear the mantle of Teacher of God.  We’ve been chosen.  We’re qualified.  Let us not resist one more minute and instead simply surrender to find the best in the challenge and share the benefits with everyone.  Let all boats rise on this tide of Love!

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    I Am Not My Body
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