Gratitude Heals Sadness

August 14, 2022

now I laugh so much more easily and Bodhi makes me laugh every day!

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I had so much sadness for decades.  I was in denial about it.  Others could see it, but I could not.  I can remember men I was dating saying they noticed it and I used to get offended and think they had no idea who I was.  They were seeing what I wouldn’t acknowledge.

This subject came up in Masterful Living class this past week.  I can see now, quite easily, that I was drawn to melancholy for a lot of my youth.

I was often listening to sad songs.  Over and over again.

When I was 13 I began listening to the mournful sounds of folks like Neil Young, Joni Mitchell, Elton John, David Bowie, The Allman Brothers, BB King, Linda Rondstat, Janis Joplin, the bluesy side of The Rolling Stones, and the Beatles. as much or more than I listened to upbeat rock or pop music.

I could listen to Ziggy Stardust on repeat all day.

So much of what I listened to had these strong sad undertones if they weren’t downright tear jerkers.  

I remember so clearly as I came into my teen years, from about age 11 onwards, I had this strong sense that everything was surreal.  A lot of the time, I felt like I was watching a movie rather than living in a real world.  The world didn’t make sense to me.  It felt so confusing.

Now, of course, I can see through the eyes of A Course in Miracles and realize that I was tuned into something I didn’t understand and that no one I knew could explain to me.  I can see that it’s a dream world, a projection, an illusion and I am comfortable (most of the time) in the experience.

I wasn’t someone who cried a lot.  I didn’t like being vulnerable, so I kept my feelings in.  Then, in my late 20’s I began receiving counseling from a spiritual counselor and I began to get in touch with my feelings.  This began a complete transformation of my life and being – and it was a roller coaster ride.

By the time I started with A Course in Miracles I was graduating from Ministerial School so a lot had changed.  When I began reading ACIM I would often find that I would be so moved by a line in the Course that I’d weep copiously.  The truths touched me so deeply.  I was so grateful to have that book in my hands and to be free to devour every line and every thought.

I’d find myself reading something in ACIM that would ignite the truth in my awareness and I’d be so grateful for that clarity of insight that I couldn’t help but cry and cry.  A Niagara Falls of gratitude.  Then, once the tears were all cried out, I’d start to laugh and laugh.  Deep belly laughs.

I figured out what was going on with me.  The tears I was shedding in buckets were the release of the deep sadness I’d carried for (probably) many lifetimes of NOT living my purpose (to be truly helpful).  Sadness built up because I never thought I’d be able to get to the place of Clarity, insight, Freedom, Harmony and Peace that I was becoming familiar with.

I had been SO sad because I thought I’d never find my way to the place I am now, and I knew that I needed to get here, but I couldn’t find the way. Once I was firmly on the path, then my gratitude began to take over and the sadness healed.

I finally was coming into an awareness of my true Self and letting the identification with the small selfish self dissolve. I needed to let all that stored up sadness release.

What I can also see now, that I couldn’t quite see then, is that being grateful, and having an active spiritual practice of gratitude, was transforming the sadness.  

I can’t be grateful and sad at the same time.

Once I started living my purpose and accepting the Atonement for myself, then I felt so grateful it raised me WAY UP above the vibration of sadness and the sadness released.

I fully realized that I wouldn’t be falling back into the negative habits and patterns of the past.  So, the sadness ran out of me – like an inflatable wading pool emptying out into the earth.  It just drained from me with my ever increasing practice of gratitude. 

I healed the sadness with gratitude for the truth – crying and weeping.

It was my old “friend,” Joni Mitchell, who’d said, “laughing and crying, you know it’s the same release.” That line in the song, People’s Parties, had always stood out to me, and now I understood it.

I’m so grateful for the truth.  So grateful that I could lay those burdens down.  I feel more my true Self every day.   I took a HUGE turn in that period of crying with gratitude, releasing the sadness and laughing with the natural and beautiful Joy that was hiding underneath all that sadness.  Gratitude lifts us up so we can hear, and see, and know and feel more clearly.  

What’s really wonderful now is that I am fully living my purpose to be truly helpful.  

If you feel the pain of sadness the way I did.  And you find yourself drawn to melancholy and isolating, feeling alone and wounded – then consider healing the past with gratitude for the truth in ACIM.  

With the help of my spiritual practice of being grateful, now, I feel confident in my choices because I know I’m guided by Spirit.  

I feel qualified to share these truth teachings because I’ve experienced the healing that they bring.  It has recalibrated me completely.

What I see in the Power of Love Ministry and in particular in our Masterful Living, Prayer Practitioner and Spiritual Counseling training programs is that we are all Teachers of God.  Anyone who’d like to share and represent these truth teachings can do so.  No specialness is required.  

I’m deeply committed to helping others who’d like to step into the place of sharing and teaching and demonstrating the efficacy of living by the Light of spiritual principle.
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Come join us, and break down the barriers to your sharing your gifts and talents.  

Come prepared to stop playing small and get out of the way of your Light!

Spirit has a plan for you!  Let’s get to it!

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