I Can Choose Peace

August 25, 2022

I can choose the Peace of God.

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I really dislike the sound of flies buzzing around me.  Some days I open the doors and there are no screen doors, so the flies will come in, they’re drawn by Bodhi and Sattva’s food dishes and by the things in the kitchen – there’s always  something to draw them.  

It’s not a phenomenon that happens every day, but some days, and then in the evening they’re still hanging around.  The sound is irritating to me because of what I think it represents which is dirt, and germs and filth and uncleanliness of a kind that I have judgment about.

Flies help me to work with my mind to be in Peace no matter what – to be unbotherable, not because I’m inured to my own discomfort, but because the thoughts about the flies are neutral.  It’s a good practice.  It’s helping me to heal my mind.

Do I wish to be bothered?  That’s a question I ask myself.

Am I blaming someone for bothering me?  Do I want to have an excuse to attack them?  These are the questions I ask.

With the flies, I wonder, am I upset about something else and am I going to blame it on the flies?

I sit and as I’m writing this the flies stopped buzzing immediately.  It’s like they disappeared.

If I focused on them, they’d have more work to do, wouldn’t they?

A Course in Miracles tells us that everything in this world is symbolic, and that everything is neutral.  I am learning to ask what things are for.  What do they actually symbolize?

If I can be bothered, I will.  

ACIM teaches us that all conflict arises from saying we’d like the Peace of God, but then choosing something else.  The flies buzz and I choose to be at Peace.  Yesterday, I had 30 seconds of annoyance.

Today, I have Peace.  

Everything is pointing in the direction of remembering that we can choose Peace and Love and be grateful for that.

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