Inspired to Love!

August 12, 2022

Love inspires our life!

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Do you examine your motivation throughout the day?

One of the deepest and most powerful ways that we can be in our spiritual practice is to consistently be examining our  reasons for our choices.  Are we inspired by Spirit or are we motivated by ego.  

There’s either inspiration or motivation for every choice that we make.  

Sometimes the motivation to choose separation and suffering is so subtle.  Sometimes the motivation is to affirm a thought pattern of lack that has become such a habit that we are actually believing that something false is true.

For instance – do you automatically eat everything on your plate because you’ve been taught to?  Do you do it even when it requires you to push past a feeling of fullness?  Do you know why you do it?  Would you be willing to start to examine what’s really motivating your decisions?

This work isn’t easy.  It requires awakening awareness and willingness.  It’s about bringing the light of our attention into the dark places, the hidden places.

Let us each do our own individual work and share the benefits with all humanity.  

Let us be willing to actively look for the places where we have been in denial and bring the light there.

Let’s do this expansion work together.

Each one’s choice means so much to the collective.  That inspires me A LOT.

Let’s begin anew each day and discover the Truth that sets us FREE!

Rather than being motivated by getting something (which is really a motivation from fear of NOT having something – let’s motivate with awakening!

We’re choosing to be inspired by our expanding awareness of Love as our life! 

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