Investing in Self-Love and Self-Care

August 9, 2022

Self-care is part of our self-love practice and all of it is part of our spiritual practice.

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Very often I speak about how Self-Love is deeply healing and transformative – and people say, “I don’t even know what Self-Love is!”  

I get it!  After all, who has shown us and taught us about Self-care and Self-Love?  How can people who don’t know what it is model it?

Self-Love and self-care are two primary components of an effective spiritual practice and so I’ve learned to incorporate them EVERY day.

People ask me all the time for practices that they can do to be more loving.  Of course, self-talk is the most important and the most life-changing.  For me, it made such a difference to put real attention on this and I learned a wonderful way to turn things around pretty quickly.

Something that was life-changing for me was to start to call myself “sweetheart” and “darling,” when addressing myself.  I trained myself to start with “Darling,” before speaking to myself and it absolutely shifted my energy every time.  That’s a powerful act of self-care and Self-Love.  And it’s so simple!  

I look for little simple things that can make a difference.  One is my commitment to Beauty.  Beauty is a spiritual quality and it is always present, but not always expressed in form.  We can pay attention to the ways that we can bring more Beauty into the world.  Beauty lifts our vibration easily and effortlessly.  When there’s Beauty we can be grateful that we recognize it and that lifts our vibration too.  

I remember one time I was staying at a hotel.  I needed to go to my car to get something and I had a couple of choices of getting to the ground floor from where I was on the third.  I could take the elevator or the stairs and there were two staircases.  I took the staircase that had the windows so that I could have the sunlight and the view of the trees, plus get the exercise and stretch my legs.  

When I lived in West Hollywood, there were times when I had to go to Santa Monica.  There were several routes I could take.  There was the quickest most direct route, and then there was the route down the winding Sunset Boulevard offering the beauty of the homes and trees most of the way.  I preferred to take that route much of the time even if it was 5 or 10 minutes longer because it was so much more nourishing to my soul to see the beauty.  

A beautiful route is an investment in my happiness.  It’s also a strong message to my ego that I Love and value myself enough to invest my time and energy in my happiness!

Self-Love is finding the little things mean a lot in my relationship with myself.

I am my caretaker and I intend to do a GREAT job!  I encourage you to make little changes and notice how you begin to spiral up to bigger changes.  When we don’t care for ourselves well, others don’t treat us well either.  When we love ourselves, then other people are far more loving with us.  Like attracts like!

Every choice we make ripples throughout the universe!  Let’s spiral up together with Self-Love and self-care!

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