Letting Go of Right and Wrong

August 29, 2022

I’d rather be loving than be right.

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One of the big traps of the ego is deciding who’s right and who is wrong.  Often, we find that we’re the biggest culprits of them all.  The ego is the thought system that enables us to believe we’re separate from each other and from God.  It’s job is to separate and it does that through the activity of sorting.  

Sorting out who is right and who is wrong is a major use of ego, time and energy.

We can spend huge amounts of our precious attention on determining who is right and who is wrong.  And, for a moment, the ego seems to feel fulfilled, empowered, justified, and important.  

Observing life, you can watch people all day long as they struggle to figure out who is right and who is wrong, to assign blame (and often shame) as well as responsibility.  It gives the ego a lot to do.

What many of us don’t notice is that all that judge, judge, judging leaves an energetic hangover that is painful.  The pain that leads us to tune out, disconnect, and hide.  And then we slowly begin to learn what a bad investment we made with our precious attention.  Labeling people isn’t helpful.

Since God is all there is, when we tune out, aren’t we tuning out from God?

Since Spirit is omni-present Love, when we disconnect, aren’t we disconnecting from Love?

Since the Infinite One Mind is omni-active are we really thinking we can hide from our own mind?  

Where can I go from Your Spirit?

Or where can I flee from Your presence?

If I ascend into heaven, You are there;

If I make my bed in hell, behold, You are there.  Psalm 139

Deciding who’s right and wrong is predicated on the concept that I am the decider.  When I’m the decider it often means that I’m either thinking that God has left the building and now I’m in charge.  I’ve learned that I do NOT want to be in charge.  I’m not (yet) able to see through all directions of time and space and so I’m not able to discern what everything is for.   My Spirit knows it’s all working together for my relentless good.

I don’t wish to replace God in my mind – I tried that and it didn’t go well for me.  I’d like to do everything I can to avoid falling back into that mindset.  I’ve worked very hard to realize that God’s plan is the best way for me to go.

God’s plan for my salvation doesn’t include my judging people and deciding who is good and bad.  I can think I know what’s right and wrong in the moment.  I look for the loving choices and that feels right to me.  Unloving choices feel wrong to me.

People, are all good at their core, because they’re God at their core.

Their essence is still perfect and pristine, regardless of their behavior.  Knowing that, I don’t need to label people with some story I’ve made up.  I’ll stick to focusing my attention on remembering the truth, which is that we’re all good and perfect.  

I hardly use the words right and wrong anymore.

Mostly their helpful in describing how things feel.  Paying attention to how things feel is a great skill that I work on each day.  Labeling people isn’t helpful to me, only to the ego.  I don’t work for the ego anymore.

Is there anyone you’ve labeled wrong that you could let go?  You can still feel their actions are unloving, but do you need to label the person?  This is a very powerful and healing contemplation.  We can call the angels in to help us and be willing to see clearly the face of God in each one we meet, for our own Peace of mind.  It works!  

Peace is worth it!

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