Not Interested in Crazy Anymore

August 22, 2022

We can be masterful on this haling journey!

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When I was studying to prepare into enter into the Prayer Practitioner program at Agape, and studying the Science of Mind teachings as well as the life of Ernest Holmes, I became quite interested in the origins of Holmes’ teachings.

I feel very connected to the great New Thought teachers such as Phones P. Quimby, Mary Baker Eddy, Emma Curtis Hopkins and those who went before Ernest Holmes.  He stood on their soldiers, as well as Jesus, Buddha and many other spiritual masters from the past.  

Mary Baker Eddy is the founder of Christian Science, which teaches mind over matter.  Emma Curtis Hopkins was her student, and Curtis later became the teacher of Ernest Holmes as well as many other great teachers including Charles and Myrtle Fillmore.

For me, A Course in Miracles is a more recent New Thought teaching, bringing us ever closer to pure teachings of truth that our mind can accept and apply.

One of the things I work with on a daily basis is reminding myself that I am not a body.

I am pure Spirit.  I have a body to care for and use, but it isn’t who or what I am.  What I am is a non-local being, not trapped in a body, not identified with a body, and still, every day I am putting a great deal of attention on my body.

I hydrate all through the day and that means I need to use the rest room.  I have issues with my gums, and so I have dental routines to care for my teeth and gums.  I live out in the country, where there are no food deliveries at all.  You either pick it up or you make it yourself.  So, every day I’m preparing the food I will eat, and I mostly like to eat fresh cooked vegetables and legumes, so I’m cooking every day.  

My daily care of my body has my constant attention, and yet, I am willing to remember that I am not this body.  I am willing to honor my body and give thanks for it, but I don’t wish to think that the body is what I am.

I’ve finally gotten what ACIM teaches about realizing that healing is at the level of the mind – including allergies and food sensitivities, and aches and pains.  

It’s a journey to let go of thinking that the answer to a pain is a medicine or a food, and I am on that journey.  I don’t feel bad about where I am, I feel REALLY good about the journey.  I’ve had so much healing and there’s much more to come.  I don’t wish to put any energy into the idea that healing takes time.  It doesn’t.  Time is an illusion, how could it impact healing?  That would be insane.  

I’m not interested in crazy anymore.

I’m willing to remember the truth that sets me free.

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