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August 3, 2022

My life has changed so much.

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I remember what it felt like when I had such a yearning to be of service, and to share my gifts and talents, but it felt SO HARD.  I felt like I was trying to swim in peanut butter.  Not fun.

There were so many marketing seminars, and amazing programs that promised all kinds of results.  I was constantly listening to free programs and seminars that were supposed to teach me how to be a success, but the net effect was that I felt further away from success all the time.

Sound familiar?

The more I learned, the more it felt like I would need an army of people to do all the work to achieve success.  I didn’t have the money for that – I was barely paying my bills.  Marketing was not that interesting to me.  I felt overwhelmed much of the time.

What did I do?

I just watched more seminars, listened to more free classes, took more workshops and felt further and further away from having a breakthrough.

Ugh.  Not helpful.

I was discouraged by not even covering my expenses doing workshops and retreats.  It felt to me like there was some kind of a ceiling that was being pressed down upon me.

Then, I reached my limit.  I’d had enough.  

I couldn’t stand playing small anymore, waiting for something in the world to line up and make my life change.  

Now, I can see that this was the pressure that I needed to get off that hamster wheel.  How did I do it?  I changed my mind.

I decided to stop affirming how much I didn’t know and didn’t have.

In my ministerial training, we did a basic study of the New Testament, the 4 Gospels.  I got one of those bibles with Jesus’ words in red and I saw there Jesus said, “if I be lifted up, I draw all unto me.”

I knew in that moment that this was my new marketing plan.  I was going to STOP trying to get something from the world to validate me or fix me, or improve me.  

I was going to BE it.  Spirit would show me how.

That was the beginning of the BIG shift in my life to truly being a minister and teacher that had something powerful to share.  I decided to be ALL IN for Spirit.

Being ALL IN has been a life-changing decision for me.  I’ve never regretted it.  My life is more fulfilling with every passing day.  Before that decision to go ALL IN, I thought it would mean sacrifice, but now I can honestly say there’s no sacrifice at all.  

There have been surprises along the way:

For instance, I had to actually un-learn a bunch of things I learned in ministerial school in order to become the speaker that I am.

I had to un-learn a lot of things I’d been taught about how to teach and how to create a curriculum.

The entire experience of becoming a successful spiritual speaker, write and teacher was so hard for me, I decided to make it easier for others.  

I find it deeply fulfilling to support folks in following their passion for sharing and teaching what they’ve learned. That’s MY passion. That’s why I’ve asked my dear friend, Rev. Karen Russo, author, speaker, teacher, minister, if she’d teach a class in how to lead and create a workshop so more people will feel confident and qualified to share their passion.

This experience is specifically designed for intermediate to advanced level healers, coaches, teachers, experts, and business owners have a desire to offer impactful, professional workshops.

If you’re interested in learning how to feel great leading a workshop, on any topic at all, click here to learn more now.

This will not be an event with hundreds of people.  You will be in a safe, small intimate group and you will have the full support of everyone in the room.

Follow your intuition.  If this is right for you, you’ll know.

Come join us, and break down the barriers to your sharing your gifts and talents.  

Come prepared to stop playing small and get out of the way of your Light!

Spirit has a plan for you!  Let’s get to it!

Would you like to share your gifts and talents in ways that are profoundly fulfilling?  We’re offering the upcoming class on How to Create and Lead Workshops that Make a Difference. Whether you’re interested in sharing your talent as a creative artist or a therapist, an aromatherapist or a realtor, there are many helpful tips to learn about leading an effective workshop.  Knowing your topic is one thing, knowing how to offer it in a workshop is another thing completely!  Would you like support to feel confident and qualified to share what you love?  We’ve got it!

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