Spiritual Muscle

August 20, 2022

We can develop the spiritual strength to be the Light in any situation.

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Sometimes we find ourselves in a situation that we’re not comfortable in.  Perhaps we’re triggered by the people around us.  Maybe it’s the circumstances that are bothering us.  It might be that we know what it’s about, and it’s easy to discern.  For example: perhaps we were bitten by a dog when we were a child and now we’re with a dog that feels threatening and we can tell this is an opportunity to heal the old fear and realize all dogs are not dangerous.

Other times we’re in a situation where we’re judging the people around us.  Our complaints, while only in our mind, are loud and vociferous.  We want to lash out, judge, attack, or run away.  But maybe the reason we’re there is to practice the Presence of God and be at Peace.

When I decided to learn to be patient no matter what, I found myself in all kinds of situations to strengthen my “patience muscle.” Fortunately, I recognized what was happening.

The Universe wasn’t testing me in order to get me to fail or torture me.

Life was providing me with opportunities to practice, and overcome all resistance.

Practice can be very hard sometime.  Ask any Olympic athlete.  It can be grueling and excruciating to the mind and the body experience, and yet, if we’d like to get into great shape, we look forward to the challenge and choose to work with it.

Let’s not run from the challenges that strengthen our heart and mind.

Let’s practice patience, compassion, willingness and all of our spiritual tools in the tool kit.  

We’re not preparing for battle, we’re preparing for Peace!

Everything we need is within us, and more.

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