Spiritual Practice of Love and Gratitude

August 21, 2022

We’re discovering the way to Love more fully.

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The power to work miracles belongs to you.  I will provide the opportunities to do them, but you must be ready and willing.  A Course in Miracles
This readiness, and willingness that’s being referred to in the quote above is a talent, a skill, an ability that we can cultivate. 

All miracles are at the level of the mind and they occur when we are willing to let go of the blocks to Love and allow the Love to flow.  

We can mentally be on the lookout for opportunities to be loving, and extend Love.  This is what makes us available to change, and to miracles.

Many folks resist change because they don’t wish to find themselves not knowing what to do or to say.  They don’t want to feel vulnerable, but being loving makes us invulnerable.

And we only know this, really KNOW this when we practice it and discover it for ourselves.

I’ve learned that I can amplify my willingness through my heart.  By cultivating the deep desire of my heart to be loving no matter what I am willing most of the time.

Being loving doesn’t mean being weak or letting folks run over me or push me around.  Being loving is never that.  What would be loving about contributing to people’s unloving and unkind behavior?  

Being loving often requires tremendous strength and courage.  It can seem risky, but it’s not.  

And, so very important, being loving isn’t giving to others in order to get them to give something back.  Love is never manipulative.  

I have found it helpful to pay close attention to my motivations in order to make sure I’m not being loving in order to be seen as a good person, or to get something from someone.  It’s changed my life.  

I used to play small by withholding Love.  With strangers and loved ones.  I’d burn and churn with resentment.  Sigh.  It was a hard and painful way to live, and the contrast of that with being loving showed me which direction to go in.  I found the better way.

Being authentically loving, without needing recognition or anything in return, not even appreciation, has strengthened me.  And for this I’m grateful.  

I invite you to consider developing an eye for opportunity to extend Love in situations you’ve never thought of it before.  In places where you don’t know anyone it’s a great opportunity to extend Love wordlessly by blessing each person you see.  Blessing the people waiting for the bus, or struggling with something.  

Here in Vermont I sometimes see bikers riding up a steep hill.  I bless them and know that they have what’s needed and can enjoy even the most difficult parts of the ride.

When we extend Love, we’re the beneficiaries.  To have Love, give Love to all. 

The more I remember that, the more my life feels centered in Joy.  And then there’s more gratitude.  I can be grateful for each and every opportunity to extend Love.  With more gratitude, life is sweeter and the inspiration flows abundantly.  

Love and gratitude are the foundation of my spiritual practice.  They cost me nothing and they give so much!  They are the fundamental to living a miraculous life!

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