Giving Up Being Offended

September 20, 2022

Mark Twain said, “forgiveness is the fragrance the violet sheds on the heel that has crushed it."

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I used to take offense so easily. I didn’t consciously realize what a profoundly destructive habit taking offense is.  Now, I can see that all attack is self-attack and taking offense is definitely an attack.  

Taking offense at others is actually self-destructive because it pulls us into a low vibration – and regardless of what level we’re vibrating at, like attracts like.  If I’m vibrating with hostility, like attracts like.  If I’m vibrating with Love, like attracts like.

In this way, I decide what I’ll attract.  Therefore, I cannot be a victim of the world.

It was many years before I realized taking offense was draining my energy and preventing me from experiencing the good I hoped to create for myself.  Eventually, I began to discover that I was free to make a higher choice. 

I got to a place in my heart where I became willing to invite love into my life more and take offense less. I became willing to invite joy and peace into every corner of my heart. I became willing to invite prosperity and creativity into my experiences. I became interested in contributing more Love in the world, and in order to do that I made a commitment to center myself in a loving and compassionate consciousness.

In keeping my attention on what I desire, it’s been very helpful to recognize that when other people around me take offense they are reminding me of where I’ve come from. Hostile people give me the opportunity to practice love and compassion and extend the invitation to them to practice with me.   I can see the diamond in their heart now that I’m discovering the diamond in my own.

It’s not possible for me to be in a place of love and receptivity AND take offense. I can only take offense when I’m centered in fear and hurt. Love and compassion are the healing antidote for fear and hurt. 

By being able to express love and compassion for those around me who are taking offense and acting from their fear and hurt, I’m able to claim the learning from my past experiences and that brings benefit to everyone, because we’re all one. 

Being compassionate with those who temporarily seem to lack compassion allows me to extend an invitation with my mind.

In sharing the invitation, I get to requalify the times when I was the one who lacked compassion, and that’s healing, for which I am so very grateful.  

In this way, I harvest the learning from my past experiences and the years that the locusts seemed to have eaten are given back to me and now my history feels like a blessing.  I am blessed and so are you!

Where once I was stuck in a habit of taking offense, I am willing to extend compassion to myself and others.  Punishing people with taking offense isn’t on my radar of possibilities like it used to be – that way of thinking on exacerbates the unconscious guilt and I’ve had enough.  

I forgive myself for all the millions of times I thought taking offense was a good idea and I didn’t even realize how much of my suffering it was causing.

Intensifying the unconscious guilt is self-punishing.  I am so grateful to let that painful habit of self-attack DISSOLVE.  Hallelujah!  The Light has come!

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