I AM A First Responder

September 18, 2022

We can respond with Love and compassion. It’s our nature.

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It’s happening again.  More light is being shed on our life, in our awareness, on our experience and it can
feel like there’s a strong pressure to change our minds, to let go of the old habits and beliefs.  Sometimes it can feel like life is shaking us to the core.  

And it is.  

There’s no question about it.

It’s helpful to continuously look around our life, as well as our thoughts and find the things that just don’t work anymore.  We can use that old and helpful metaphor of thinking of our life like a garden.

Let’s pull the weeds and make room for more flowers.
Let’s pull the weeds so the flowers we’ve already planted have room to grow and expand.

It’s helpful to be aware that those folks around us who are spiritual beings and who don’t yet have a spiritual practice are being even more challenged than we are.  We’re supposed to model for them what compassion looks like.  

We’re here to be truly helpful and so giving up being offended or impatient is part of our curriculum NOW.

Sometimes we don’t want to go first.  We’d like someone else to say they’re sorry, to apologize or acknowledge our feelings and we’re going to withhold Love and Light from them until we get what we need.  

But that’s not the way of our true nature.  

We’re here to lead the way.
We’re here to demonstrate the Living Christ.

We will never be asked to do something we cannot do.  Spirit doesn’t work that way.  That would be so unreasonable.  

Spirit is always calling us to reach higher and to rise in the Light of God’s infinite Love.  

In truth, the deep desire of our heart is to be a first responder to situations calling for Love, crying for Love.

We’re designed to respond this way, and to be a healing presence.  It hurts when we don’t.  When we choose not to be loving or withhold Love, it exacerbates the unconscious guilt Jesus tells us about in A Course in Miracles and we feel miserable because of it.

ACIM tells us that infinite patience produces immediate results because when we’re patient we’re choosing to demonstrate Peace and be peaceful.  That’s what we’re designed for.

People that challenge us help us to train our mind to be peaceful.
Situations and people that trigger unhealed hurts, anger and shame are helping us to focus on healing our minds so we can be first responders and answer the cries for Love.

When we’re first responders we’re saying, “Yes!  I’m interested in representing the one who sent me.  I am willing to heal and be healed.  Bring it on!”

Instead of waiting for someone else, or the perfect moment, let’s focus on being willing to respond with Love and to let Spirit lead us.

And, of course, by Spirit, I mean that Higher Holy Spirit Self that is the I AM Presence, which is our own perfect nature, our own true Self.

Everything we need has already been given us.
Angels surround us and support us.
We can let all that Love and support in and then extend it to others.

Willingness is the activating ingredient.
This is our time to rise and shine!

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