I Work for God, Inc.

September 23, 2022

Bodhi is my divine assistant.

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As a Minister I am employed by God, Incorporated.

I am a Marketing Executive for Divine Love.  I was offered the job a long time ago, but I turned it down.  I could see that it was a great job opportunity – I’d get to travel around the world, meet all kinds of people, share many beautiful experiences, but I didn’t feel qualified.  

God kept offering me an all expenses paid position, but I kept saying “I’m not there yet.  I’m not perfect enough to be all that.”  

Glancing at the surface, I thought I knew what the job would be so I didn’t bother to look at the brochure.  I just kept saying “no”  usually followed by “Get OFF me!  What part of NO don’t you understand?”

Back then, my life was my message.  And my message was: “I only glance at the surface.  I don’t want to look deeply.  Leave me alone.”  My life resembled one of my favorite movies: It’s A Wonderful Life with Jimmy Stewart.  My life was like the nightmare part of that story where George was about to kill himself.  Confusion, fear and desperation, that was my message. 

I remember standing on the edge of a New York subway platform as the train came into the station.  I was having a George Bailey on the bridge moment.  There was no Angel jumping on the tracks for me to save, but somehow that moment brought surrender.  

I so clearly didn’t know what I was doing with my life.  I had to surrender.  

I surrendered the suffering. I surrendered self-loathing and God took it all from me. I finally had the faith to change my life.

In that moment, the message of my life began to change.  Thank you, God for leading me to that New York Subway Train.  My freedom train.

What is the message of YOUR life?

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    I Am Not My Body
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