Letting Go

September 7, 2022

We can let go and let go and be surprised at the results!

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One of the ways that I held myself back was simply thinking that I didn’t have what was needed to be able to live the life I desired.  I always felt that circumstances were getting in the way of my happiness.  It was one of the ways I played small and lived wrapped in a sense of lack.

I gave up on the starting line.  I didn’t even really try.

Like so many other people, I let that sense of “it works for other people, but not for me,” thinking get in the way of my prosperity and happiness.  Now, I know better.

When I believed that it was my experience.

With willingness my beliefs changed and so did my experience of life.

What I remember is my crushing sense that “I don’t have what it takes.  I’m not good enough.  Something’s wrong with me” way of thinking was my repeating experience for a very long day.  It was my version of Groundhog Day.

What changed things for me was my willingness to recognize that God cannot fail, and so I can turn things over to Spirit and ALLOW the highest and best to unfold.  

And then, at some point, I’d had enough of holding myself back and I decided to stop playing small and just go for it by recognizing I AM the LOVE of God and I cannot fail.  Everything is for me and nothing is against me – but I can see it however I’d like to.

If I focus on the idea that things are against me – they really seem to be.  And that’s intimidating.  It causes me to shut down.  Back away.  Give up and quit.

If I see that things are for me, then they most definitely show up that way.  I see through a lens.

I’ve given this world, and everything in it, all the meaning that it has for me.  And if I’m not happy it’s up to me to change my view and not to wait.

Waiting isn’t a thing anymore, unless we’re waiting on Spirit. 

Why wait when we can focus our mind to allow the life we’d like now?

Do you feel like you’re playing small and you’re tired of it?

Would you like to make a real and lasting shift and have fun doing it?

To have the life we TRULY desire we let Spirit lead us there – we don’t have to make it happen.

We allow.  We don’t have to figure out how.  We allow.  Love will be our transportation.

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