Living In A Groove

September 17, 2022

Spiritual renewal is the one that’s REAL!

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One thing I used to really struggle with was becoming attached to my point of view.  I used to need to be right about everything because I felt insecure inside.  My own self-judgment was so intense that anyone else telling me I was wrong was too much for me.  When I’m attached to my opinions and perspective then I’m taking myself out of the flow of creativity and wisdom.  

Spirit is SO creative.  My Divine nature is to BE creative and in tune with the flow of creativity itself.   Like everyone else I can wear a groove in life following the same patterns and that can feel dulling and limiting – it’s actually more like a trench than a groove.  Next thing you know, I’m really playing small. 

What I’ve learned is that my spiritual practice of meditation, prayer and contemplation keeps me in the Divine Groove and feeling groovy in the sense of feeling free, liberated and activated.

The ego thought system used to have such appeal for me and I was constantly telling myself there wasn’t enough time to have a deep practice.  I used to think that if I could just somehow change my life that THEN, in that magical future, I’d create the space to have the deep practice.  I woke up from that fantasy and realized that the opposite was true – the ego had tricked me into staying in separation.

When I committed to have some spiritual practice every day, I quickly discovered that the connection with my Higher Holy Spirit Self could be so refreshing, renewing and energizing that it was essential to my happiness.  I learned that the way to change my life swiftly, gracefully and powerfully was to Partner UP and work in the invisible where the vibration is high and things move faster than the speed of light.

I didn’t believe it UNTIL I was willing to tell myself the truth.  I won’t go back to living in a rut. If only because I’m not a vibrational match for it anymore. 

I’m loving living in the Divine Groove of Creativity!  It’s so refreshing every day.

THIS WEEKEND:  My friend, Bill Free, is putting on another Pure Presence Conference with a wonderful opportunity to tune into many great speakers. Their topic is The End of Seeking: Exploring the Paradox of Awakening conference on September 16-18, 2022.  Here’s the link to learn more and register for FREE.

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