Shake It Off

September 27, 2022

Shake, shake, shake it off!

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I rejoice. I rejoice!

I rejoice because yesterday was a day with many irritations in it and I remembered to laugh.  

I remembered to go the other way.

Again and again.  

Then, in the evening, I taught a Masterful Living class and that was beautiful.  At the end of class, I got up from my chair and took my tea mug with me to go to the other room.  I looked in the mug and there was a dead fly in it.  

YUCK!  And I remembered to laugh.

There’s so much intensity, fear and drama in the world right now.  It’s no wonder that there are these hurricanes and storms circling around.  In the Native American teachings, wind storms are a manifestation of our human anger.  

There’s a lot of anger in the world right now and right below the surface of that anger is terror.  It’s the terror that we’re stuck in this world repeating the same patterns again and again without end or relief.

A Course in Miracles tells us that WE are the dreamer of the dream and the most terrifying dream of all is that we’ve lost our innocence, and that we’re guilty and shameful.  Yet, it’s not true and with willingness, the Higher Holy Spirit Self will fade that dream in our mind and replace it with a dream of forgiveness, a dream of where there is no murder, no death.

Instead of counting the number of hurts we’ve had to endure we can count our blessings.

As Taylor Swift sings it, “haters gonna hate, hate, hate, hate, hate. 

Baby, I’m just gonna shake, shake, shake, shake, shake 

I shake it off, I shake it off.”

So, I rejoice that I can shake it off.  

I rejoice that I don’t need to blame anyone anymore.  

I don’t need to make a thing of it.  

Every day, I think of it this way:  My job is to hold the Light, see the Light, shine the Light and serve the Light.  I have the best job ever.  Everything is for me and nothing is against me.  

Every day I have more blessings to count.

Hurts are almost entirely a thing of the past.  

If that’s not miraculous then nothing is.  

We are entitled to miracles.  Every day.  

But we can’t experience the miracle and hold a grievance.  We have to pick one or the other. 

I choose miracles.

I shake off the other stuff.  I shake it off.  I shake it off.  And I remember to dance and laugh!

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