Worthy Of The Good In Life

September 8, 2022

All are worthy of Love.

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Last night I had a teaching dream, as I often do.  I have dreams that I’m teaching folks what I’m learning about living a more peaceful and harmonious life.  I think it’s because I’m consistently excited about how my life is improving and I’m enjoying it more and more.

I’m enjoying life more and more not because things are more interesting or I have more stuff, or anything like that in the world of form.  I’m enjoying myself more because I have more Peace then I’ve ever had in my life.  I have more of a sense of myself.  And by that I mean my God nature.

I’m enjoying myself more because I feel worthy of that enjoyment and I feel worthy of the good in life.

One of the most fundamental issues many of us are dealing with is a sense of unworthiness.  It’s the major challenge for the whole human race and we’re healing it together.  We each do our part.

When folks don’t feel worthy it brings on a whole group of ways to address and deal with it.  When we actively love and appreciate ourselves we help to undo the unworthiness.  When we behave responsibly, show up on time, care for our body, and speak kindly to ourselves, we’re healing our mind of unworthiness.  

One of the questions many people ask me is, “how do I love myself?”  What I’ve learned is that having many simple ways to love ourselves brings a lot of benefit.  

Some of the simple ways I’m loving to myself are:

  • Sitting outside and being in nature.  I enjoy it so much and it’s so refreshing.
  • Taking breaks from work and shifting the energy – to care for my body.
  • Staying well hydrated so my whole body functions well.
  • Having a “no self-attack” policy.  I don’t speak unkindly to myself under ANY conditions.
  • Having healthy food options available and not even buying the ones that aren’t good for me.
  • Being gentle with myself.
  • Getting plenty of sleep.
  • Daily spiritual practice.

Every time I’m gentle, kind and nurturing to myself I’m sending a message to every cell of my body, and every aspect of my mind, that I’m worthy of Love and kindness.  Over time, it heals the unworthiness.  It really works!

One of the ways that we play small is not addressing the unworthiness and letting it continue.

Do you feel like you’re playing small and you’re tired of it?

Would you like to make a real and lasting shift and have fun doing it?

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