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October 2, 2022

I’m remembering to laugh with Bodhi and Sattva to help me!

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Ok, it’s super intense right now.  You’re feeling it, right?  OMG!!!  

I’ll say it again, just so we can all remember, things are NOT going to hell in a hand basket.  We’re not being punished.  No one is.  

First, let us remember, God IS Love, and so are we.  
God does not punish.  Ever.  

A Course in Miracles tells us “teach only love for that is what you are.”

One thing that’s happening is there’s more and more LIGHT pouring into our human experience and that light is making it more and more intense for everyone.  

It’s intense because the Light helps us to be able to see our “stuff.”  Our traumas, resentments, hurts, false beliefs, attack thoughts and all that insane thinking.

If we’ve been avoiding looking at our stuff for a very long time, then it doesn’t feel particularly warm and fuzzy to be looking at the dirt under the carpet from the vantage point of having your face pressed into the floor.  

Still, when we can see and feel our stuff, then it’s UP for healing, and that IS our answered prayer.  

So, like it or not, this is the time of great healing.

Everything we are frightened by, everything that feels upsetting, everything we’d like to run from – is pushing us toward doing the healing at the level of the mind – with our thoughts.

What do we do?

#1 – we pray to remember the truth that sets us free.
#2 – we look for opportunities to be loving, kind, generous, compassionate and, above all, GRATE-FULL. Grateful, grateful, grateful!  Gratitude lifts our vibration and helps us to see, know, feel and hear more clearly what’s true and what’s not.
#3 – be willing to have a healing – resistance is not only futile, it’s self-destructive and just a delay for the inevitable
#4 – absolutely know that things are improving, because they absolutely are whether it LOOKS like it or not!
#5 – We remember that Spirit is progressive and not regressive.

We can’t really do anything about the intensity, but we can shift our experience of it.  My practice of prayer and gratitude makes a BIG difference – it’s everything to me and it has changed my experience of life.

To remind myself of the truth I use affirmations such as:

I AM pure Love.
I AM perfect.
I AM the Purity of Love.
I AM willing to know the truth that sets me free!
I do not know what anything is for.
Everything works together for my good.
I am choosing the highest and best possibilities even if I don’t know what they are.
I choose Love.

The main thing to remember is that the intensity REALLY IS our answered prayer come to help us rise above the battleground of playing small and living in lack and limitation.  Rather than complain about how intense it is, let’s be grateful for our healing opportunity – let’s claim it and accept it as ALREADY DONE!  AMEN!

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