It’s worse than I thought

October 23, 2022

Bodhi’s part of my family now!

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When I was growing up, my family celebrated my birthday at Thanksgiving.  And my great aunt, Christine, had her birthday the day before mine, so we celebrated together.  That made Thanksgiving an even bigger holiday for our family.  It all just felt like one big wonderful party with my favorite people.

For many Americans the Thanksgiving holiday is the biggest family holiday of the year.  And for many of us it can also be very challenging.  Some folks have some really awful memories of drunken brawls and scary times when visiting relatives molested them as children.  Not kidding.

As a spiritual counselor for decades, I’ve heard many accounts of family holidays that are extremely unpleasant. Most people will do anything to avoid talking or thinking about it.

I discovered, it’s worse than I thought.

At this time of year, those painful memories can get triggered.
They’re coming up so that we’ll do what’s necessary to heal our mind about the past.
So we can move on.  

Many times, we’ll never be able to “get over” the past, but we can definitely move on and be happy

It’s no fun to be stuck in the past. 
And we don’t have to be.

The most basic teaching of A Course in Miracles is that we have to forgive in order to be free of the past.

As long as we hold onto the unforgiveness, even if we hardly ever think of it, we’re going to be limiting our spiritual growth and development.

I’ve been teaching forgiveness decades and I’ve seen so many people heal these deep wounds in their families because they were willing to do the forgiveness work necessary to bring everyone along with them.

I’ve also met many people who are so confused because they’ve forgiven these things again and again for many years and still they carry it with them with so much pain it’s as if it just happened.

Sometimes it’s as though the resentment has fermented and is getting worse and worse like an untreated infection.

People are amazed at how much lighter they feel when they do the true forgiveness that I share.

The work is so gratifying because people feel so much lighter so quickly.  
They’re able to let the past go for good.  
There’s real Freedom then.
It’s a relief.
A burden lifted.

And, of course, their relationships improve.
Amazing miracles happen.

Children who haven’t spoken to their parents in a decade, suddenly reach out.
Folks who thought they’d never speak to their siblings again hear from them, “out of the blue.”

We share the same mind, the same heart, really, and so when one of us shifts, we all shift, and the people we’re closest to shift the most.

If you’d like to transform your life, your relationships, your feelings about yourself and your experience of your life, then there’s no question in my mind that clearing out the suffering of the past is our #1 priority.

We can be the fulcrum point of healing in our family.

And that’s why I’m doing several forgiveness classes this week.

Thursday is my Family Forgiveness class.

Sunday is my Forgiveness Letter Workshop.

They’re both my gift to you, your friends and family – no charge, but you do have to register so I can send you the zoom link.

Think of this:  How many times have you gone to a family holiday gathering filled with anger, resentment, hurt, blame and expected to have it be awful and you wouldn’t rest until it came out to be the disaster you thought it would be?

Or maybe you’ve just stayed home and avoided the whole thing, while feeling sorry for yourself?

If we’d like to see an end to the rampant divisiveness in this world, then we MUST begin with ourselves. 

Peace begins with us.

That’s why these are free events.  Please come, and do the work with me.  You’ll get so much benefit, and so will your family.

If you do nothing, can life change?
If you do this, I know it will!

I hope to see you soon!

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    When Happiness Feels Elusive
    When Happiness Feels Elusive
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