Joyful Learning

October 6, 2022

I took this pic of the sunrise in the Blue Ridge Mountains.

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I am so grateful that A Course in Miracles teaches us that we can have magnificent beauty and the greatest gain without the pain.  

Pain is an old paradigm.  “Pain is a wrong perspective.”

The invitation is to learn through Joy rather than pain.

Pain is a motivator.  

The pain is always there to push us if we choose to grow in that way.

I cannot even begin to count the number of times that I’ve chosen to finally do something different because the pain got too much for me.  I don’t wish to do things that way anymore. 

I’d rather be inspired by Love than motivated by my suffering.

I don’t wish to endure anything anymore.  

The more masterful I become, the lower my tolerance for pain is.  THANK GOD!

The more I love myself, the more unwilling I am to suffer.

The more my view rises above the battleground, the less time I wish to spend down there.  I’ve learned it’s unnecessary.  

And still, sometimes I choose to learn through contrast and I revisit it.

As the sunrise evolves, it becomes a mystical invitation to climb to a higher elevation in our view by shifting our thinking.  This picture of the sun rising reminds me of the beauty of allowing the Light into my awareness and the view from higher up is the view I prefer!

Are you aware of places in your life where you still choose to learn through pain rather than through Joy?

Are you willing to declare that you are choosing to learn through Joy now?  Let’s do it together!

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