Family Forgiveness For Happier Holidays

November 18, 2022

This is my precious kitty, Sattva. If I don’t judge him, there’s nothing to forgive.

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There were many holidays that I went to join my family fully expecting to be disappointed, offended, hurt, upset and let down yet again.  Guess what, I often got what I hoped for.  

My expectations were actually my hopes.  I know that now.  I wanted to be right about what a victim I was.  

I was never right, but I felt righteous.

Forgiveness has completely changed my life and ALL of my relationships.

ACIM makes it very clear being willing to forgive is the #1 thing and the ONLY thing that we need do to let go of all suffering and live the life we desire.  I mean, it couldn’t be more clear.

Still, the unforgiveness, the hurts, the resentments, guilt and regrets persist.  One of the most challenging things about the holidays is that it stirs up all the old resentments, regrets, guilt, shame and blame of the past that hasn’t been resolved.  Every year we get another crack at it, and for me, many years I failed miserably.  

In fact, many years I made it much worse.  Ugh.  

And then I had another thing to forgive myself for.

And of course I blamed it on everyone else.

And that meant another thing to forgive.

It did seem endless, but it wasn’t.  Not at all.

It’s extraordinary how much we can accomplish with a little willingness – and how much healing benefit everyone gets when our little willingness is offered up.

Why delay?  I wish I hadn’t.

If only I’d known that, just as it says in ACIM, everything I desired would come with my willingness to take responsibility and forgive.

Forgiveness has been the one thing that changed all that.  My own self-forgiveness.  A Course in Miracles lets us know that ALL forgiveness is self-forgiveness.  That means we can liberate ourselves from our upset.  We don’t have to wait on someone else!!  That’s really good news!

This year, give yourself AND your family the gift that keeps on giving:  Love. 

Unforgiveness blocks the flow of Love.

I’m here to help and that’s why on Sunday I’m offering a free class on forgiveness with a focus on family and relationships.  

I am consistently amazed at how profound the healing power of forgiveness is.

And that’s why my class is FREE join me for some forgiveness healing THIS SUNDAY,  I promise we’ll remember to laugh!

That’s right, I’m offering my Family Forgiveness free class again.  When we hold onto resentments, we block our ability to access trust and faith, and all the benefits that come from trust and faith – and the greatest of these is Love.  The only way to have more Love in our lives is to be more loving.  Let’s just be willing.  

Please invite your friends!

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