Healing Is In the Application

November 19, 2022

Let’s look for healing where it can be found.

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No matter how many books I read, classes I took, papers I wrote, nothing seemed to crack the code.  I was still spinning around in a circle trying to figure out how to have a breakthrough.

The healing I was looking for was not outside myself.  

The healing was within.  

I was looking in the world, when I had it all along.

That’s what I Love about A Course in Miracles.  It’s all in there – and the book, the teachings, the truth are all written in our hearts.  

ACIM tells us the treasures are hidden in plain sight.  And yet, I’ve connected with so many people who have been studying ACIM for years and still don’t feel the Peace.

The healing is in the application.  The healing is in the consistent willingness to be loving and forgiving.  

I feel so strongly that the time has come for us to be more sincere than ever before. 

More than ever before it’s important for us to work in groups of Love and support.  And that’s why I’m adding some new things to Masterful Living this year to support us even more deeply in having the breakthrough and healing we desire.

Every year I speak with folks in Masterful Living have a healing of their chronic pain and illness that had plagued them for years.  Suddenly the issue miraculously stopped.  People go off the pain meds and take their life back.

I have not healed them, I don’t know how to heal anyone but myself.  

Their willingness to forgive, to practice non-judgment works every time.

It may be hard to believe, but all healing IS at the level of the mind.  

These folks who’re having the miraculous healing aren’t doing something special.  As wonderful as they are as individuals, they aren’t special, in the sense that they don’t have something you and I are missing.  What they have is a great willingness to change their mind and to be Joyful.  They’re willing to practice what they’re learning and take it from the mind to the heart to their life.  And that’s the true miracle!

I’m here to help point the way and that’s why on Sunday I’m offering a free class on forgiveness with a focus on family and relationships.

I am consistently amazed at how profound the healing power of forgiveness is. And that’s why my class is FREE join me for some forgiveness healing THIS SUNDAY,  I promise we’ll remember to laugh!

That’s right, I’m offering my Family Forgiveness free class again.  When we hold onto resentments, we block our ability to access trust and faith, and all the benefits that come from trust and faith – and the greatest of these is Love.  The only way to have more Love in our lives is to be more loving.  Let’s just be willing.  

Please invite your friends!

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Remember that you can book an Exploratory Call with one of the spiritual counselors to discuss any questions you have about Masterful Living and that’s a free call!

MY LATEST ACIM PODCAST EPISODE:  My topic is The Greatest Accomplishment. I LOVE it when A Course in Miracles is so plain and clear and lets us know exactly what to do and how to do it!

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