Journey In Faith

November 26, 2022

Let’s call the angels to walk with us and talk with us as we travel this journey.

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As people are traveling a lot this week and this weekend, I am holding for everyone that they have safe and joyous travels. 

As one who used to travel a lot, pre-pandemic, with long plane rides, long drives in the car and lots of trips to stay with others in their homes, all over the world, what I’ve learned is that it’s much more pleasant when we take the Angels with us.

Some people think that I’m a bit wackadoo to discuss the angels, but some of my favorite parts in A Course in Miracles are referring to angels.

“Around you angels hover lovingly, 

to keep away all darkened thoughts of sin, 

and keep the light where it has entered in.  

Your footprints lighten up the world, 

for where you walk forgiveness gladly goes with you.” T-26.IX.7. 

We’re all entitled to angel companions, they’re always around us.  Ask and ye shall receive!

We can send the angels ahead of you to make the way clear in traffic, in your family, in a hotel.  I do it all the time.  Fill the places you go – and even the traffic – with prayers for ease and grace.  

Remember as you travel the brother or sister you might encounter on the road may be going through a very tough time.  Many people seem to make their transition around this time of year.  

Some people may be having the first Thanksgiving without their mom, dad, husband, wife, child or other loved one.  For many that’s a really difficult thing to go through.  Let’s have extra patience with ourselves and each other.

For other people this may have been the last Thanksgiving they’ll have with their loved one.  I remember when I knew it was my last Thanksgiving with my precious Mom.  That plane ride and the journey to be with my parents was unforgettable.  

We don’t ever know what others on the road are going through.  We may have this one opportunity to be of service to them and make their way easier by blessing them and sending the angels with them.

These are precious opportunities.

Let’s maximize the footprint of Love in our journey today and everyday.

In extending Love in each moment we make each day a journey in Love.

Via con Dios!

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    Eyes of Love
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