My Kitty Stayed Out Late

November 30, 2022

This picture is from our recent trip to Maine. He likes to walk with me and Bodhi.

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My precious kitty cat is an adventurer.  Maybe it’s because he feels so loved at home that he feels safe to go out and explore.  Maybe it’s because he plays with Bodhi who is at least 10 times as big as he is.  Maybe it’s his nature.

Sattva is an indoor outdoor kitty.

I kept him in as much as possible when he was smaller because we have lots of predators in this neighborhood from owls to fisher cats, bobcats, foxes, coyote, eagles, hawks to bears.  It’s a lot.  However, he just NEEDED to go explore and I couldn’t bear to keep him in as it felt like he was suffering.

I have an apple AirTag on his collar to track him, which sort of works, but many times, if he’s near by, it won’t get a signal – sometimes it doesn’t work at all.  Fortunately, he usually comes when I call, which is really good and I’m so grateful.

The other night, I was bringing Bodhi, our pup, into the house around 10:00pm and Sattva escaped.  I called for him at the front, back and side of the house.  He didn’t come.  I did that about three or four times and still no Sattva.  

I noticed my mind started going to imagining that by the time I was ready to go to bed and turn out the light he still wouldn’t be home.

This has happened twice, but it was spring when that happened and not below freezing outside.  Although I certainly know he could find a way to survive a night outside, I didn’t want that for either of us.  

The two times he didn’t come home for a long stretch he was trapped.  Once he was up in a tree, once he was in the wall of my neighbors garage.  

I was doing all the things I needed to do before bed, and I decided to turn off all lights downstairs and go up so Sattva would realize that he needed to come home as I was going to bed – he knows our routines.  I don’t turn off the downstairs lights until I am done and going to bed.

He wasn’t showing up – I kept checking.  And calling.

I was still in a bit of a conversation with myself about not wanting to sleep on the sofa because I was worried about him being out in the cold, and I didn’t feel like going out looking for him.  

Every time I realized I was preparing myself emotionally for what I didn’t want (Sattva’s not returning), I stopped and would see him at home with me.  I’d cancel out the picture of me not being happy with the situation.

My observation is that my mind’s returning to what I don’t want, was a belief in unworthiness coming up for healing.  It was separation thinking such as:  

I’m separate from the support of the Universe in bringing Sattva home.  

I’m not worthy of the support.  

I’m being punished, because I’m bad and guilty.

I noticed I felt irritated.  

Was I feeling irritated because of the situation or because of the underlying beliefs of unworthiness and separation.  I think it was the latter.  In my heart, I knew all was well and would continue to be well, even though it wasn’t as would prefer in that moment.  Still, everything was working for our good.

I did my pre-bedtime prayers and meditation, stretching, etc, that I normally do and then I remembered a message I forgot to send and went downstairs to my laptop.  I turned on the light in the den and sat down with my computer to send the message and as I did, I looked up and there was Sattva, looking in the door, ready to come in.  

It was the very definition of perfect timing.  

I let him in and we went to bed.  All continued to be well.

I’m so grateful I can see these experiences as opportunities to heal patterns that don’t serve me.  I’m not a victim.  Life is supporting my desire to be free of false beliefs.  Sattva is helping me free my mind.

BTW – I absolutely know that when I speak to him with my mind, and send him pictures of us at home, of me holding him and snuggling, he gets those messages and responds.  Cats are VERY intuitive.  And some of them are also explorers.

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Sattva is a curious boy.

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    Eyes of Love
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