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November 21, 2022

We are the Light!

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I used to feel overwhelmed a lot of the time.  There was ALWAYS so much more to do than I could possibly get done.  I used to buy so many spiritual books that I felt I “should” read.  I’d stack them up by my bed, and my reading chair and I would keep adding the stack and adding until I’d feel overwhelmed by how many books there were to read.  

I also used to stack up magazines, I had subscriptions to about a half a dozen magazines, and some were ones that I felt I “should” read and some were ones I actually had an interest in reading.  I never could get caught up with them.  I’d stack them up in my bathroom with the idea that I’d read them when I was taking a bath.  I couldn’t keep up!

And then there are the things to do for work and around the house that keep stacking up and there’s not enough time to do them.  Or there could be enough time to do them if all I did was work and never take a break.

I used to feel overwhelmed by the long list of things that I thought I should do.  It was a real burden.  And then as I began to clear the clutter of my mind, I began to realize there’s a way out of that overwhelm:  I became willing to change my mind about what I “should” do.

No one was making me read those books.  No one was making me read the magazines.  Not one person on earth cared at all if I read any of those books or magazines.  Not one person – it was all about feeding my ego.  ENOUGH!

I made a decision to LOVE myself without the pressure of performance.

Making a decision for Love is so powerful!

I decided that I wasn’t going to read all those spiritual books.  I realized that it was a MUCH better use of my time to do spiritual practice than to read spiritual books.  So, I decided to give all those books away.  I gave them to friends and I sold some to a used book store and I gave the rest to the library.

With the magazines, I put every single one, all the stacks, into the recycle bin.

Phew!  I immediately felt so much happier and lighter!  What a relief it was to give myself a break and lift that burden from myself.

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