Profound Change, Permanent Blessings

November 25, 2022

We can live a blessed and happy life.

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I’ve really been blessed to see how much life and happiness change for spiritual students who engage in an effective spiritual practice.

We go from thinking the problem will be solved when we fix things in the world to line up the way we want them to be, to realizing the fastest path to our happiness is to rid ourselves of our beliefs and align with truth.

It’s a profound change. 

It’s a 180 degree change.  

It’s going the other way.

At this time of year, I’m so blessed to be able to speak 1 on 1 with folks who are completing a year of my Masterful Living Program and they’re sharing with me the miraculous shifts and changes they’ve had.  They are, quite literally, my answered prayer.  They’re blessings are my blessings, and mine are theirs.  It’s so clear that when one is blessed all are blessed.

This, to me, is true spiritual success.  This is real happiness.

There’s success from the perspective of Spirit and success from the view of ego.  I’ve had ego successes that were failures of Spirit.  I got the thing I wanted, needed and was craving.  And for that brief moment I was so happy.

I was happy because I had what I thought I wanted.  What I had, I thought, would make me happy.

HOW WRONG I WAS.  There, I said it!  And I learned from it.  I made the same error so many times, I finally decided to learn from it.    

I used to reject my blessings because I didn’t understand what true success was.  I used to run from happiness because I didn’t understand what real happiness. was.

Can your relate?  Of course you can!  This is part of the human experience – but let’s not pass it on to the next generation.  Let’s teach only Love and have a healing experience, starting NOW!

It’s never too late to be happy.

Spirit knows what will make us happy.  Let’s put Spirit in charge.

Someday it may be that no one will remember Madonna or Tom Cruise. Franklin Pierce was President of the United States of America for 4 years and I’ll bet you cannot name one thing he did that is noteworthy, or what was happening during his presidency.  

If we define success by something outside of us then we’re missing the opportunity to experience true and lasting success. What is success to you? What do you really value most?

Be sure to know the answer to that question, and put your attention on it.  Be willing to accept and allow it and the Universe will probably surprise you!

One of my favorite classes to offer has become my Worthiness Workshop – it’s a free class that I’m doing next week.  It’s followed by my Undoing Unworthiness 4 class series.  The combination is a healing boost to bring us up at the end of the year.  It’s also one of many bonuses that come with my year-long Masterful Living Program.  There are LIVE bonus classes every week this year for those who register now!

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MY LATEST ACIM PODCAST EPISODE:  My topic is The Obstacles to Peace. Do we need to hold onto obstacles to Peace or can we let ourselves experience the Peace of God?

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    Eyes of Love
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