when family is exhausting

November 27, 2022

We can live a miraculous life.

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Alright, well here we are on the Sunday of Thanksgiving weekend.  Lots of people have been spending time with family, or avoiding it. 

And for many who’ve been with family, they will tell you that it can be “exhausting” to be around their loved ones.  

In fact, many folks do everything they can to limit time with family and loved ones. 

They even avoid spending time with their friends in favor of being alone – and I know just how that feels.  

I used to struggle with wanting to be with other people and then finding that it was so draining.  

I used to believe that their “energy” was too intense and that I didn’t have the “energy” to be with people who were so challenging.

Here’s what changed for me:  I made the commitment to stop judging everyone constantly and I did a lot of self-forgiveness for having been mean and unkind and difficult so much of the time.  

I decided to focus on being loving, kind, patient and generous of heart.  And it worked!

Then, miraculously, and also somewhat gradually, other people began to bother me less and less.  I discovered that the less I judged them, the less they bothered me.  Hmmm.  Interesting.

The less I judged the people around them the less I felt drained and exhausted after being with them. It was a revelation.  It was a win-win-win-win.  I got to spend more time with people I cared about AND I got to enjoy them more, AND I didn’t feel drained AND I got to have more Love in my life.  

I realized that when we don’t feel worthy, we sabotage the Lot win our lives, but we can go the other way no matter how long we’ve been traveling in any direction.

It’s been so helpful to realize that those who don’t feel worthy of Love will sabotage their relationships – but all that can change in a very short period of time, no matter how long it’s been going on.

I feel greatly blessed to be able to share what I learn and support others in changing their lives and their relationships too. This time of year I’m hearing all kinds of testimonials from folks who’ve been in my Masterful Living Program.  I hear the most wonderful things as folks share their assessment of how this year has been for them.  

When people tell me that their relationships with their parents, spouses, children, co-workers, etc. are better than they’ve EVER been, and they feel like they’re a true success, I feel so grateful.  Their experience, their miracles and major shifts in their thinking, they’re all my answered prayers.

My prayer is to be truly helpful.  Discovering that we truly can have the most wonderful and miraculous healing, that we can eliminate suffering and difficulties, as well as the seemingly endless loop of self-punishment and despair, this is the most wonderful blessing and it just takes a modest amount of spiritual practice with some true willingness.

We don’t have to suffer.  Other people don’t exhaust us, it’s our thoughts that exhaust us.  

Seek not to change the people in your world, but to change your mind about them and yourself.  Then the miracles start to flow.

If you’ve got some willingness, join me on Thursday this week for my free class:  Worthiness Workshop – I’m sharing some of what I’ve learned about undoing unworthiness and I’ll be doing some live coaching as well!   

I truly know that one of the greatest things we can do in our lives is to heal our hearts and our relationships.  When we do this, everyone benefits!  All boats rise on this tide of Love!

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    Eyes of Love
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