Co-Dependency and Dysfunction

December 7, 2022

We’re lovers, not fighters.

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In Masterful Living class yesterday, we were discussing a kind of co-dependency that absolutely destroys relationships.  It’s something I know a lot about as it was one of my own personal issues that I’ve done a lot of healing on.  I call it “dysfunctional compassion.”  A lot of my spiritual friends have the same issue – and must of us don’t even realize what’s going on!

We have such a strong desire to be loving, kind, gentle and generous and to heal our old mean, petty, selfish, critical ways, that we go beyond forgiveness into allowing people to take advantage of us.

Allowing people to take advantage of us is dysfunctional.

When we repeatedly ask for people to respect certain things and they still don’t, of course we’re going to forgive that and not judge it.  That’s the way to heal our mind.  But forgiving people, not judging them, is different than enabling them to keep doing it.

No one can take advantage of us unless we allow it.  

That’s just how it works.  

We have to give our permission in order for them to take advantage of us.  

And that’s exactly why we get so hurt and upset when people take advantage of us.  

We’re actually judging ourselves for allowing them to do it to us, and blaming them for hurting us.  

We’re mad at ourselves, disappointed in ourselves, frightened of our own dysfunction.

When we’re allowing the dysfunctional, unloving thought patterns to continue to keep their hold on us and we’re blaming someone else for how we feel about it, we start to be afraid of ourselves, and angry at ourselves and also we realize we’re hurting ourselves even if we don’t acknowledge that we’re doing it to ourselves by letting them take advantage of us.  

That’s the REAL reason we’re upset.  

Because we’re enabling the ego.

We’re here ONLY to be truly helpful, and enabling other people’s egos isn’t helpful.

Why does all this occur?  

It’s the unconscious guilt talked about in A Course in Miracles.

And that results in unworthiness.

Which leads to dysfunctional compassion and co-dependency.

The ego thought patterns of lack, attack, limitation and separation are insidious and tricky.  

And yet, there’s only ONE POWER in this world and that is the power of Love!  We ARE Love.  Therefore, we win.  Whenever we’re ready to apply the Power of Love in our lives, we start making amazing and miraculous headway.   Knowing this, I become more and more empowered every day to let Spirit win in my heart, my mind and my life.  

We don’t have to figure out how to have a healing – we only have to ALLOW the power of Love to win in our heart and mind and then we’ll see it winning in our life!

This week I’m offering my Undoing Unworthiness 4-part class.  4 classes in 4 days.

It’s so exciting for me that we can undo these false beliefs and have real healing when we’re willing to look within and see with new eyes – with eyes that are not clouded by the past.

Are you interested in getting to the root cause of all your problems?

If that sounds good to you, come join us!  Undoing Unworthiness starts Thursday.

Let’s have fun lightening our load and learning through Joy!

A belief in unworthiness, and a habit of self-attack undermines your happiness every moment of every day.

With the work we’ll do in this class you can end your year feeling spiritually successful and start your new year ready to have the best year ever.  This is the perfect time to do this.  Click here now to learn more.

A 4-part LIVE Zoom class to support your having a breakthrough and learning the REAL benefits of life when you feel worthy of Love, Abundance and ALL the good life has to offer.   

What could be more important than your happiness? 

Undoing Unworthiness 4 part class – This class is for anyone who feel a sense of lack or limitation.  When we feel unworthy we won’t allow ourselves to truly welcome and enjoy the good of life.  That can change for you so quickly!  This class is a bonus for everyone in Masterful Living this year or next!  If you’re ready to live your best life, healing unworthiness will make all the difference!

Healing the mental patterns of separation, lack and limitation are a major part of what my year-long Masterful Living Program is all about.  Reducing the sense of separation from Spirit means reducing fear, pain and suffering of so many types:  physical, emotional and mental.  Fear affects our body, emotions and our mental stability – we all know that.  If you’d like to live with a sense of trust and faith, Masterful Living might be for you!

MY BEST PROGRAM EVER – Masterful Living 2023 – Registration is open.   Don’t miss out!  I’d like you to get all my LIVE Bonuses – including this week’s! Click here now to learn more.

Remember you can book an Exploratory Call with one of the spiritual counselors to discuss any questions you have about Masterful Living and that’s a free call!

MY LATEST ACIM PODCAST EPISODE:  My topic is Attraction to Guilt – TheObstacles to Peace – Part 3. Guilt can be so sticky because we actually have an attraction to it – and that can be healed!

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    Eyes of Love
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