Increasing Self-Worth

December 5, 2022

All are worthy. We are worthy. I AM worthy.

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A Course in Miracles warns us about the fear to look within.  

Beneath your fear to look within because of sin is yet another fear, and one which makes the ego tremble.  What if you looked within and saw no sin?  This “fearful” question is one the ego never asks.  T-21.IV.2.

In my year-long Masterful Living program we are intent on no longer seeing ourselves as spiritual failures, relationship failures, financial failures or any other kind of failure.  

We’re willing to give up looking within and expecting to find sin.

We’re willing to look within and find Spirit.  The Christ.  Perfection.

This week I’m getting ready for my Undoing Unworthiness class.  It’s so exciting for me that we can undo these false beliefs and have real healing when we’re willing to look within and see with new eyes.  

We can find the Beauty and perfection when we have the “eyes to see.”

What are the “eyes to see?”

They are the eyes that can look and see past the judgment to the sinlessness.

There is no sin.  We are not sinners.  The entire belief in unworthiness, guilt and shame is a fabrication.  It’s a story we made up, built upon our own interpretations and misunderstandings.  Unworthiness is a house of cards that will fall, if we’re willing to let it go, stop investing in it and push it over.

Undoing unworthiness is our destiny and it’s also our spiritual obligation.

We’ve helped to propagate this myth of unworthiness and we can be the ones to debunk it.  We do this on behalf of all beings.  

We are liberators!

In my programs, it’s exciting for me to see how much we all have bought into these false ideas of ourselves and that when we join together we can see how we got to this point, and how it can be undone.  It’s not difficult.  It just takes willingness. 

Victory is at hand!

We do have to have the courage to realize that we’ve built this structure of dysfunction and that we can let the Higher Holy Spirit Self tear it down.  We can admit that we did build this false identity of shame and failure – and we can do it without any blame.  We can let the shame go.

When we Love ourselves enough to undo these patterns, the healing goes that much faster.  Love IS our healer.

I feel this is our spiritual responsibility and doing it together is precious and thrilling!  I’m so glad we’re doing what we can to change our minds and liberate our brothers and sisters as we liberate ourselves!  Yes!

Are you interested in getting to the root cause of all your problems?

If that sounds good to you, come join us!  Undoing Unworthiness starts Thursday.

Let’s have fun lightening our load and learning through Joy!

A belief in unworthiness, and a habit of self-attack undermines your happiness every moment of every day.

With the work we’ll do in this class you can end your year feeling spiritually successful and start your new year ready to have the best year ever.  This is the perfect time to do this.  Click here now to learn more.

A 4-part LIVE Zoom class to support your having a breakthrough and learning the REAL benefits of life when you feel worthy of Love, Abundance and ALL the good life has to offer.   

What could be more important than your happiness? 

Undoing Unworthiness 4 part class – This class is for anyone who feel a sense of lack or limitation.  When we feel unworthy we won’t allow ourselves to truly welcome and enjoy the good of life.  That can change for you so quickly!  This class is a bonus for everyone in Masterful Living this year or next!  If you’re ready to live your best life, healing unworthiness will make all the difference!

Healing the mental patterns of separation, lack and limitation are a major part of what my year-long Masterful Living Program is all about.  Reducing the sense of separation from Spirit means reducing fear, pain and suffering of so many types:  physical, emotional and mental.  Fear affects our body, emotions and our mental stability – we all know that.  If you’d like to live with a sense of trust and faith, Masterful Living might be for you!

MY BEST PROGRAM EVER – Masterful Living 2023 – Registration is open.   Don’t miss out!  I’d like you to get all my LIVE Bonuses – including this week’s! Click here now to learn more.

Remember you can book an Exploratory Call with one of the spiritual counselors to discuss any questions you have about Masterful Living and that’s a free call!

MY LATEST ACIM PODCAST EPISODE:  My topic is The Obstacles to Peace – Part 2. When we know what the obstacles are then it’s easier to release them.

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    Eyes of Love
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    Three Powerful Words That Change Everything
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