Finding A Direct Path

January 22, 2023
Finding A Direct Path

When we’re willing, the path is clear and laid out for us.

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Yesterday, I was recording an episode of my A Course in Miracles Podcast and the subject was Body Beliefs.  It’s so interesting to me how our willingness to let the false beliefs go opens our awareness to what’s Real and what’s not.  

I once was blind, but now I see.  

These revelations can be beautifully startling and sometimes they’re simply a clear view arising on the horizon of our mind.  Other times it feels like the clouds are parting and a beam of sunshine comes over us and warms us from the inside in a miraculous way.

I’m continuously both grateful and amazed that miracles only require our willingness.  Nothing else.  So sweet and simple.  

I sense that we don’t trust that we’re entitled to miracles, that we can be miracle-minded, and that our life can truly be miraculous. It feels as though we don’t trust it because we don’t feel worthy.  

Miracles are the awareness of truth brought forth from our willingness to let go of our attachment to what is false.  It’s simple.  But the attachments can be so sticky that to let them go would feel like annihilation.

We live in what A Course in Miracles calls the unconscious guilt and that leads to a pervasive belief that we should be continuously punished.  One of the most consistent ways that we punish ourselves is denying ourselves access to miracles, insight and inspiration.  We deny ourselves access to miracles by holding onto the blocks to Love.

Many, many spiritual students take a roundabout, circuitous path to find the willingness that could be theirs now, and forever.

We end up clinging to beliefs that obscure the view of the kingdom within and we don’t even realize it.  

I find it laughable now when I think of how many choices I made that I thought were spiritual but were really just ego/intellect.  The ego thought system seems so sticky until we’re no longer interested in being stuck in a web of nothingness.

For whosoever will save his life shall lose it; but whosoever shall lose his life for my sake and the gospel’s, the same shall save it. ~ Mark 8:35

It’s really incredibly clear.  Liberation is hiding in plain sight.  

The kingdom is within.

If we’re looking for the kingdom in the world, then we can’t find or recognize it.  It’s a lifetime of seeking without finding.  Our willingness clears the obscured view.

Our Higher Holy Spirit Self, that mighty I AM Presence is continuously inviting us to find the kingdom within.  To find it we have to let go of the idea that it’s not there because it’s in the world, or because we’re deficient.  

We’ve built our whole lives around glorifying the body, getting stuff, acquiring knowledge and cultivating relationships, often for the purpose of making us feel special which is never, ever going to be fulfilling.  It can’t be.  

Specialness is a mirage of a refuge that’s not actually there.

To be fulfilled by achieving our goals in the world is to be fulfilled by a picture of something that’s not really there.

Fulfillment comes only when we find the kingdom within. If it doesn’t last, it’s not fulfillment.  When we’re willing to find the kingdom, we’ll find it.  Isn’t that great news?

To let go of our attachments to what the world has to offer is a big ask.  And yet, it really is amazing, genuinely amazing to me that letting go of those attachments brought me a sense of fulfillment that I experience in this world every day without fail and never felt before I had the willingness to release those attachments and find the kingdom where it is. 

The kingdom is definitely within.
We have direct access.
Our willingness opens the door.

In the programs we offer at the Power of Love Ministry people are cultivating the willingness and discovering the kingdom and then they help others to discover it too.  We’re committed to shift out of the habits of learning through pain and through the contrast of suffering in the world so that instead we can joyfully remember our miraculous nature and live from that awareness.

It seems impossible, but that’s just one of the ego thought system’s tricks.  When we remember to laugh, when we have mighty companions walking beside us, we can see that there’s nothing Spirit can’t do and there’s nothing worth doing that ego can do.  Simple.

So, every day, we pray for the clarity to remember the truth, to value the truth and to share the benefits of that remembrance with everyone because we’re united in Oneness.

If you’d like to make this journey, and learn to live from the kingdom within this year, we can do it together.  Masterful Living Program starts on Monday.

Follow your intuition, trust that, your inner guide will lead you out of the wilderness and detours of nothingness.

STARTS MONDAY – Now’s the time to lay our foundation – there’s so much we can call forth when we choose to live as though our mind really is the mind of God.  Make this year the year you go for it!  Gather support, have a strong intention.  You don’t need my help, but if you’d like it, here’s how to begin:

Click here now to learn more about Masterful Living.

If Masterful Living is right for you, I trust you will know it when you read what I’ve written on my website.  

Trust your intuition – it will not fail you.
If this feels like it MIGHT be the thing for you this year – follow through.

I would LOVE to have the opportunity to walk step-by-step with you this year if you’d like to join us!

If you feel called to join us, follow your intuition.  You can book an Exploratory Call with one of the spiritual counselors to discuss any questions you have about Masterful Living and that’s a free call! 

PODCAST:  The latest episode of my podcast’s topic is Body Beliefs: Obstacles to Peace – Part 6. We’re healing at the level of the mind, and it’s working!

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