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January 23, 2023

We can focus on Spirit and see the results.

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Happy Monday!  

I’ve learned that it’s a life-changer to make the decision at the beginning of the year regarding what my year’s about.  Of course, for many years, I wasn’t clear what I’d like it to be about, and then – no surprise – the year had no focus and without that, I’d tend to just meander.  

Without clear aspiration and intention then “life is what happens while we’re busy making other plans” as John Lennon so beautifully said.

We can say “life happens” or we can learn to focus the power of our mind.

Yes, it does take a mind training to learn to focus the mind – especially in a  world with so many tempting distractions.

Just for a moment, consider, how many hours did you invest last year in being tempted into distraction?  What about managing and coping rather than transforming and transmuting?

We can all get caught by the things of life and then it can take a long while before we come back into focused awareness.  Distractions are very tempting when we don’t REALLY focus on what we desire.  

With a strong spiritual practice, that doesn’t happen.  It literally cannot happen when we’re connected in Spirit.  I’ve learned that lesson many times over.

It’s amazing how a little focused spiritual practice can literally change your life! 

This year, I’m really ready to fly!  I’m so excited about the openings I’m feeling for ALL of us!

Right now is the time to place your attention on your intention for the year.  More than ever I feel it’s valuable for me to keep mine eye single and focus on the choices that bring the most benefit.  So, I’m focusing on knowing myself AS pure Spirit and leaving the past behind.

If you’d like to make this journey, and learn to live from the kingdom within this year, we can do it together.  Masterful Living Program starts TODAY.

Follow your intuition, trust that, your inner guide will lead you out of the wilderness and detours of nothingness.  And be clear about your spiritual goals this year.  Spirit will do the work if you’re willing!  Every bit we put into Spirit will yield untold benefits.

STARTS TODAY – Now’s the time to lay our foundation – there’s so much we can call forth when we choose to live as though our mind really is the mind of God.  Make this year the year you go for it!  Gather support, have a strong intention.  You don’t need my help, but if you’d like it, here’s how to begin:

Click here now to learn more about Masterful Living.

If Masterful Living is right for you, I trust you will know it when you read what I’ve written on my website.  

Trust your intuition – it will not fail you.
If this feels like it MIGHT be the thing for you this year – follow through.

I would LOVE to have the opportunity to walk step-by-step with you this year if you’d like to join us!

If you feel called to join us, follow your intuition.  You can book an Exploratory Call with one of the spiritual counselors to discuss any questions you have about Masterful Living and that’s a free call! 

PODCAST:  The latest episode of my podcast’s topic is Body Beliefs: Obstacles to Peace – Part 6. We’re healing at the level of the mind, and it’s working!

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    Eyes of Love
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