Let’s Harvest Our learning

January 19, 2023

When we begin to harvest the learning. Life becomes so much more beautiful.

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This is part 2 of a 3 part series. You can read Part 1 – Spiritual information before you read this, Part 2. 

In yesterday’s Spiritual Espresso, I was sharing about getting caught up in ego trying to live a spiritual life studying other people’s work.

I was putting so much time, energy and money into spirituality, but I wasn’t feeling like my life was changing the way I thought it should, or believed it could. I recognized that the ‘should’ and the ‘could’ words were judgments, but that’s how I felt back then.

I believed that, if I read all these spiritual books by all these wonderful, celebrated spiritual authors that everybody loves, and if I went to all these lectures and these talks and took these workshops and did all these spiritual things, that I’d have so much spiritual information, I’d be healed, and my life would be terrific. 

I believed, or maybe I just hoped, everything I desired would come to me, because I had all this spiritual, healing information.

Well, I am here to say that it doesn’t work.  There’s one thing that actually does heal your mind and allow you to live from your heart.  And that’s being loving.  

Living from your heart, it’s like you get the time back that you thought you’d wasted. There’s a wonderful teaching from the Bible, that when you’re born of the Spirit, when you come back into your heart and you’re reborn in the Spirit, then all the years that the locusts have eaten are given back to you. 

All the time that you think you wasted, it’s given back to you.

How is it given back to you? By virtue of moving into your heart, having self-compassion, loving yourself, forgiving yourself and everyone else, forgiving the debts and the debtors, the trespassers and the trespasses, then we can live in the moment. We can finally live the Love.

We cannot harvest the learning from our experiences until we let the blocks to Love go.

While we cling to the blocks, we block the learning as well as the Love.

When we start to genuinely live the Love that we are, all that we’d blocked, all the learning that we’d blocked, we can now harvest. So, it really is as though all the time we wasted is given back to us. 

When we begin to harvest the learning.  Life becomes so much more beautiful.

The learning comes pouring into our awareness and gratitude fills our heart because we realize now that none of it was a waste. Even when it seemed like we weren’t learning ANYTHING we were, in fact, learning something quite valuable.  It’s breathtaking how beautiful life is when we let go of the blocks to Love.

And sometimes there’s so much gratitude for being able to finally harvest the learning from the past, that we can only weep tears of thanksgiving.

More in Part 3 tomorrow!

Now’s the time to lay our foundation – there’s so much we can call forth when we choose to live as though our mind really is the mind of God.  Make this year the year you go for it!  Gather support, have a strong intention.  You don’t need my help, but if you’d like it, here’s how to begin:

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If Masterful Living is right for you, I trust you will know it when you read what I’ve written on my website.  

Trust your intuition – it will not fail you.
If this feels like it MIGHT be the thing for you this year – follow through.

I would LOVE to have the opportunity to walk step-by-step with you this year if you’d like to join us!

If you feel called to join us, follow your intuition.  You can book an Exploratory Call with one of the spiritual counselors to discuss any questions you have about Masterful Living and that’s a free call!  

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    Eyes of Love
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