True Compassion Is the Way!

March 31, 2023

Quan Yin, goddess of compassion is my spiritual companion.

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I’m choosing to cultivate boundless compassion for myself and others.

It’s a project I’ve been working on for decades – more than half my life.  

Walking in this world, there are so many opportunities to practice. It’s easier to cultivate compassion than you might imagine.  When I began my practice I had very little compassion for anyone, including myself.  I was a hard liner.  

Have you ever thought that being tough on yourself and others would somehow make things better?  

Have you ever thought you could “whip yourself into shape.”  


There was a time when I thought pushing and pushing was the way to get things done.  And, in a sense, it is.  But getting things done isn’t what life is about.  There are so many people who spent their whole lives doing things and in the end there’s not much point.  

Unless all of our doing is infused with Love there’s just not much point.  It’s a hamster wheel existence.  And that’s where compassion comes in and creates a healing for us.  When we can have compassion for ourselves, then there’s Love being expressed and then the pushing can diminish and the loving can take over.  Love is healing, pushing isn’t.  

When we have compassion for others who are pushing, or who have no ambition – when we can have loving understanding for whatever is being experienced, then we’re in our spiritual practice, and our life is healing, our mind is healing, our heart is healing and it’s a good day.

Practicing compassion makes every day better.  The practice of boundless compassion is such a teacher.  It’s a great workout for the mind that’s grown attached to playing small and being right.  

One of the greatest spiritual workouts of all is to have compassion for the people who have little or no compassion.  There’s good work for us to do every single day – let’s get to it!   Let’s get off the pain train and onto the Peace train!

Seriously, being willing to cultivate a true compassion for the folks who have no compassion is a spiritual practice that’s healing for all.

Let’s get on board with this!

Is there anyone you’ve refused to have compassion for?

Is it because they’re mirroring something in your mind that you don’t wish to look at?

Would you be willing to Love yourself enough to have compassion for the one you can’t stand?  That may seem like a crazy question, but if we cannot love our brothers and sisters unconditionally, we cannot love ourselves fully and then we suffer.  

The time of suffering is coming to a close.  Boundless compassion as a spiritual practice often requires us to say no and to be clear about what we like and don’t like.  Where are you with your practice?  Can you change your mind today and choose Freedom instead?

Boundless compassion is the way!

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  • Related Posts:

    When Happiness Feels Elusive
    When Happiness Feels Elusive
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