Prayer Renews

April 6, 2023

Let us be restored and renewed!

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I was sharing yesterday how it’s apparent that people all over the world are experiencing many different kinds of upheaval and turmoil.  Times are intense.  

We can get to a point in our spiritual practice where we can turn to Spirit and it’s like when Jesus was in the boat with the apostles.  The storm was raging, tossing the boat about and Jesus was sleeping.  The apostles were scared for their lives.  Finally, Jesus awoke and asked them where their faith was.  

Obviously, their faith was in the storm.  

It was the storm that had power, not Spirit.  

It’s easy to fall into thinking that the storm has all the power.  

It’s easy to believe that we’re just victims of circumstances.

What I know is that we don’t use the power of our mind to align with divinity and focus on what we’d like we are missing an opportunity.  If we’re going to be focused on our fear of the raging storms, then we’re agreeing with it and affirming it, rather than what we’d like.  

This is why I’ve come to know and value prayer as a power tool.

Prayer relieves the fear.

Prayer renews and restores the mind.

I love how a prayer shifts things so powerfully and so quickly and I’m so grateful for that.  It used to be that I would get into a bad mood or feel upset by things and I would let it go on and on without thinking of stopping to pray.  Crazy!

I started recording my daily Prayer for Today back in 2007 – 15 years ago – WOW!  I began offering the daily prayer because each day I was getting many calls for prayer from friends and counseling clients.  Sometimes people would tell me that they really wished they could call me for prayer when they’re freaking out in the middle of the night.  I decided to find a way to make it possible for us to pray together any time of day, every day and, voila, the Prayer for Today was born.   

I’m so grateful that the technology these days supports our spiritual practice in so many ways.   I’m grateful that we can use it to be Prayer Partners each day.

Prayer shifts the energy, it shifts the mood, it reboots us.

It’s so valuable to remember that we don’t have to suffer, we can refresh with a prayer.  Prayer allows us to change our mind and change the channel that we’re tuned into.  So much of our healing comes from our willingness to interrupt the patterns of fear.  A prayer does it so well and so quickly!

I’ve learned the power of prayer in many miraculous experiences.

I encourage you to pray on your own and to pray often.  We don’t have to suffer, there are no extra points for suffering.  Let’s open ourselves to the healing power of prayer any time anywhere!

If you’re interested in learning more about what I share about prayer, you can check out my Prayer Power class that starts Monday, April 17!  Click here now to learn more now. Prayer is a power tool.  Asking for assistance is different than prayer.

NEW PODCAST EPISODE!  The most recent episode of my podcast’s topic is The Function of Time. We can use time for our good rather than let it get us down and complain about not enough.

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