Reduce Fear and Shame

April 2, 2023
Reduce Fear and Shame

Love is our nature. Love is our way.

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This is no joke.  I mean this with all my heart.  

Right now there are many people stirred up in the world about various things.  There continue to be many, many people who hate and despise other people.  Many who participate in rants and rages about the people they don’t like.

I understand.  I used to do that.

Whatever relief a person might feel from ranting can only be valuable if you truly “get it out of your system,” come back into your right mind and don’t feel guilty or ashamed.

Most people, whether they know it or not don’t realize what the backlash is when they have hatred or attack thoughts toward another person, but it’s quite intense and it’s getting more intense because it’s time for us to wake up.

People aren’t aware that when they travel into attack thoughts and feel justified they are also traveling into a sharp increase of guilt and fear.  

They’re doing it to themselves.

All attack thoughts produce fear and guilt.  

This is why A Course in Miracles tells us we’re never upset for the reason we think.  We think we’re afraid because of a situation like not having enough money, but it’s really not true.  We’re afraid because we’re harboring attack thoughts and we feel justified – whether the attack is directed outward or inward doesn’t matter at all.  It will always lead to fear and guilt.

I used to feel so angry and I really did think it was because of situations in the world like poverty, misogyny, and religions that preach shame and sin.

Now, I can clearly see that I was angry because I was doing it to myself and I couldn’t admit it.  I had to decide to go the other way before things could change.

We are harming ourselves when we disparage others.  Giving ourselves permission to mean and spiteful, to revel in other people’s misfortunes  and difficulties will only perpetuate our own suffering.

We are here ONLY to be truly helpful.

To that end, when our brothers and sisters are seething with hate, let’s hold them in our hearts and know, absolutely know that they are bringing their stinking thinking to the Light.  Love is what they are and we can hold that for them. 

After all, isn’t that what we’d like someone to do for us if we fell down a rabbit hole of hate?

Let’s not egg them on or make fun of them.  Let’s hold their Peace potential in the front of our mind and energize it daily.  We have a spiritual obligation to do this and when we don’t we feel guilty and ashamed and that lowers our vibration to the place where we don’t wish to visit.  

Especially, let us not delight in any other person’s suffering or difficulties no matter how much we may not like them.  Our job is to have compassion and if we don’t, we’re holding ourselves in that hell of suffering with the.

Jesus taught us:  pray for those who despitefully use you.  And, what we do to the least of them is done to us.  We can follow his teachings and live them – it’s easier to do than not.

We’re here to demonstrate living in a loving way – so let’s really commit to that and take Joy in demonstrating it!  I can testify that it’s a much better way to live.

There IS a better way and we are it.  

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