Relationships Are #1

April 4, 2023

Extending compassion to others helps us cultivate Self-compassion.

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Relationships help us to grow so much.

A Course in Miracles tells us they’re our #1 tool for healing our mind.  That doesn’t make it fun.

When your loved ones seem to be less than perfect, less than what you would like them to be, what’s your response? 

Do you open your heart and extend compassion? Do you offer help? Do you pray for them? Do you get frustrated and irritated? Do you go to blame and attack? Do you judge and withdraw?  Are you disappointed because you had expectations and attachments? Do you tell them what they should have done and should not have done? There are so many options.  What do you do?

I wish I could say I go straight to compassion 100% of the time, but I don’t always

Sometimes when the folks around me don’t behave the way I’d like them to it gives me an opportunity to recognize my attachments and then do some inner healing work. If my response is less than loving then I get to open my heart to myself. That’s a good thing.  That’s actually healing and beneficial.

There really are no mistakes in God’s life. There are opportunities to heal our mind and opportunities to extend Love. Which of those could possibly be a mistake?

Self-Compassion is Self-Love and it’s a deeply healing expression of Divine Love.  Self-compassion has been hard to reach for me, and extending compassion to others has helped me get there.

Now, when I fall down, I don’t kick myself anymore, I Love myself back up. 

I focus on the getting up, rather than the falling down.  

This practice has made all the difference in my life. It’s a healing practice. It works!  

And, since we’re always teaching the efficacy of our choices, why not teach Love, since that is what we are?  When we teach Love, then we’re teaching something real and lasting and healing.  Everyone’s always watching, let’s take advantage of the opportunity to teach something meaningful that also brings us benefit!

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