Choosing Heaven

May 20, 2023

Everyone loves to be helpful!

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Yesterday, in my podcast, I was talking about learning vs remembering.  Learning can be helpful, but it can also be a distraction and a detour.  Learning is helpful when we’re learning something that actually makes a real difference in our lives in terms of improving the quality of our experience.

As a spiritual student I’ve realized that every day I can learn things that tangibly improve the quality of every day of my life, but in order to do so I have to be truly willing to relinquish my attachment to how things have been in the past.  I have to be willing to be present in the moment now, because that’s where the Love is and Love is the healer.

If I’m grumbling about the past, and ruminating about my errors in the past then I’m not open to learn something about the power of Love in this moment.

If I’m thinking things should be different then I’m not really available for a miracle.

Being open to miracles is ALL about being open to the learning that’s actually helpful.  

Being open to a miracle means being open to see the truth rather than the story I made up about the past.  It’s so helpful to recognize that when I’m upset, I’m clinging to some decision I made in the past and the pain and upset I’m feeling in the current moment isn’t because of what’s happening now, it’s because I’m actually recreating my pain from the past once again.  

We often think we have no choice but to experience pain in a situation that we wish were different, but I’ve learned that I can let go of wishing things were different and be grateful for what is even though just a moment ago I was wishing it was different.

Wishing things were different isn’t helpful.  It’s been so helpful for me to learn/realize that I I can let go of wishing it were different and put my attention, instead, on being focused for how I can be open and available for Love now is very helpful.  

To dramatically, and I do mean DRAMATICALLY, improve the quality of your life, commit to being grateful for things as they are, even when it’s not what you’d wish for.

Some days I end up spending a lot of time doing things that don’t feel very interesting, but need to be done.  Yesterday, I went to Costco and the first thing I did was fill up my gas tank which was completely empty.  I had to wait about 15 minutes in line to get gas.  Then, after my shopping, it took me 20 minutes to go 1/4 mile to get back to the main road – it seems everyone was at Costco yesterday!

During the day I spent hours doing things I could have wished I wasn’t doing, but where would that have gotten me?  Instead, I got to be pretty much peaceful and harmonious for the whole day and I am grateful for that.  When I was sitting in traffic a friend called.  And that was lovely.  Still, overall, it wasn’t how I intended to invest some of that time, but Spirit had a different plan. 

I don’t know what anything is for except that I know it’s for my good – of this, I am certain and in that certainty lies the Peace of God.  Learning to be certain that everything is for my good is very helpful indeed!  It’s learning that Heaven 

I was choosing heaven – as ACIM teaches us in lesson #138, heaven is a choice I must make.

It’s worth it every time.

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    When Happiness Feels Elusive
    When Happiness Feels Elusive
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