September 18, 2023

Let’s be open and receptive to God’s infinite goodness!

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I’ve noticed that in my conversations with folks lately there’s a theme.  We’ve been talking about being open, receptive and allowing.

One of the things I’ve said a thousand times is that we don’t have to figure out HOW to have a healing, our job is to ALLOW.

It seems like it’s so hard for people to give up trying to control and manipulate things and people.  There’s a lack of feeling worthy of receiving God’s infinite goodness.  So, instead of just allowing the good to naturally flow their way, they grasp onto an idea of how it SHOULD be and they try to MAKE that happen.

When we’re in that mindset of MAKING things happen, we’re not in tune with Spirit, we’re not in the flow of Love.  And then, of course, the outcome will always be less than the highest and best.

We CAN have a life that feels like we’re being led and guided – we really can, I know that now because that’s how my life feels, but it didn’t used.  I used to ALWAYS be trying to make things happen and force things to get the results I wanted.

Being able to step back from trying to get what I think I want brings me into the space where I’m able to ALLOW Spirit’s guidance, and instead of trying to force things, I can be in the flow.  

It feels so much better.  

AND I get to enjoy feeling supported instead of having to do everything myself.

I cannot begin to tell you how much I Love, Love, LOVE being able to live in the flow, in the expanse of the ALLOW instead of trying to figure out how to make things happen.  I highly recommend it.

We can learn to allow Spirit to guide us.

And that requires trust.  Trust is worth cultivating because with it comes so much more.  

Let’s remember:  We don’t have to figure out HOW to have a healing, our job is to ALLOW.

Let’s make a quantum leap together.  If you’d like my help developing a spiritual practice of Self-care that clears out the old patterns of past beliefs in order to move out of the unconscious guilt and punishing yourself, blaming others, living like a victim or a martyr, feeling guilty and ashamed, and into feeling more connected with Spirit, please check out my Finding Freedom From Fear Spiritual Bootcamp class – it’s designed to be a rocket booster for your spiritual journey.

If you feel you’ve been holding yourself back and letting fear decide, this might be your answered prayer!

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