I’ve had requests to do several events this year in the UK and I’m so willing. If you’re interested in attending please let me know and I’ll build these events for us to enjoy! 

You can place a modest FULLY REFUNDABLE deposit so I can know if there’s enough interest for us to plan this event.  

All Events will be held at a hotel in the general area of 📍 Heathrow Airport, outside of London. 

Stop Playing Small Retreat

4 Days, 3 Nights May 29th to June 1st Friday to Monday  

Click to make a deposit

You can place a modest FULLY REFUNDABLE deposit of 200 so I can know if there’s enough interest for us to plan these events.  

Details of the hotel and final pricing will be revealed by March 31st so you can choose whether or not to proceed. If you decide not to attend, your deposit is fully refundable.

Please choose the ONE that best suits your needs. Whichever training is most popular would be offered Monday June 1st to Sunday June 7th.  

A modest FULLY REFUNDABLE Deposit of 200 to indicate your interest. Choose your preferred one of these two trainings. Only one will be offered, based on popularity.

Details of the hotel and final pricing will be revealed by March 31st so you can choose whether or not to proceed. If you decide not to attend, your deposit is fully refundable.  

Bring on your breakthrough so you can step forward into the life you desire!  

  • A spiritual retreat with like-minded souls!
  • Eliminate the root causes of playing small
  • Focus on clearing the mental & emotional clutter!
  • Dissolve resistance & reluctance to be your true self! 
  • Get clear about the life you’re creating for yourself! 
  • Release limitations and belief in lack
  • Deep forgiveness – forgive yourself for EVERYTHING!
  • Surrender the blocks to Love and open your heart
  • Activate more JOY in your life!
  • Have FUN and RESTORE!  

You can have the courage to let the past go and FLY! I signed up for Jennifer Hadley's Stop Playing Small and Spiritual Counselling retreats in North Carolina in April /May of this year not because I wanted to become a spiritual counsellor, but because I had a deep longing to be healed of a lifetime of playing small. Having joined Masterful Living in January of 2018 and having experienced how helpful Jennifer's teachings are, I felt a deep healing was possible for me at these retreats. I was not disappointed. I learned that Jennifer really does walk the talk. I learned that my judgements and opinions are what keep me in pain and feeling and acting small. I learned how to start letting these go. One step at a time I am letting my judgements go. This year I have let go of so much pain. I've experienced so much love, support and community. I've been able to face major challenges with far more grace and confidence than ever before. I am so grateful to Jennifer for offering these retreats.

~ Patricia Alfonso

Following my guidance to go to the Stop Playing Small Retreat and Spiritual Counseling Training Intensive was one of the best investments I have made in my life. I decided to sign up for the retreats last minute for my own personal healing at a time in my life where I felt totally lost and bewildered about my past and where I was going. Being with beautiful like-minded people every day in an uplifting, nourishing and safe environment was the perfect space for me to really do some deep healing and forgive myself for all the times I denied myself Joy and Happiness. Through making more loving choices every day since the retreats, I have found my purpose and I have a strong momentum now that is leading to transformation in every area of my life, including my relationships with my family, my health and my finances. I am showing up more as who I truly am and Life is responding to that in miraculous ways. I am starting to enjoy the journey again! The investment I made in attending the retreats keeps coming back to me ten fold.

~ Jenni Ridpath

Increase your confidence, be more effective and help more people after just ONE week of my heart-centered spiritual counseling training.

What You'll Learn:

  • ATTRACT MORE CLIENTS Magnetize and attract the perfect clients for you to be of service to
  • REMOVE BLOCKS TO SUCCESS Discover your hidden blocks to success & how to heal them
  • BENEFIT MORE PEOPLE Get out of your own way so your counseling practice can thrive and benefit more people
  • INCREASE CONFIDENCE Release resistance, reluctance, shame, fear of failure and unworthiness that keep you playing small and repelling clients
  • UPLEVEL YOUR MARKETING Improve the promotion and marketing of your services
  • SUCCESS WITH DIFFICULT CLIENTS How to get back into your heart when your client is triggering you
  • INCREASE INTUITION Tap into your intuitive guidance to bring about miraculous transformation in a counseling session
  • BE MORE EFFECTIVE Learn how to quickly recognize and eliminate the thoughts and beliefs that are the root cause of suffering. Create miraculous healing
  • APPLY SPIRITUAL PRINCIPLE Deepen your own spiritual practice, and anchor yourself to be a more beneficial presence for your clients.

Jennifer Hadley’s Spiritual Counseling Intensive training was one of the most profound and healing experiences of my life – as well as a valuable professional experience! I’m a National Certified Counselor with a BA in psychology, and a MA in Human Development Counseling. Although I’ve received a great education and professional experience, my spirit felt there was something still missing while working with my clients. Jennifer and the amazing people in my class helped me evolve from working at an intellectual level to working from the sacred space of my heart. My heart feels more joyous and I have more clarity about my mission in life since this training!

~ Connie Batsell

I am a retired Unity minister and I went to the Training Intensive hoping to learn more about spiritual counseling, and to be endorsed by Power of Love Ministries as a spiritual counselor. The experience offered much more than I expected in terms of learning and practicing the skills involved.  

I met a group of very loving people with whom I am still connected. Although we are spread all over the U.S., we continue to counsel each other. So, I now have an incredible spiritual support system whenever I need it.  

Jennifer’s Spiritual Counseling Training Intensive helped me to integrate the principles that she teaches more deeply and thoroughly because they helped me to move from gathering information to actually practicing the principles.  

At the end of the 10 day intensive, I realized that chronic tension in my neck and shoulders had completely disappeared! I am much more loving to myself, my husband and my family as a result of attending this intensive.

~ Reverend Sue Allaurah Olson

Learn how to be a TRUE INSPIRATION with your teaching gifts in a supportive, professional environment so you can feel qualified to share in the world with CONFIDENCE!

Key Aspects of this Training:

  • Clarifying your topic so that your workshop is appealing, dynamic and successful. Sometimes people know a great deal about a topic, but they don’t know how to create a workshop that has appeal and will bring the results they’d like. Workshops are a GREAT way to invite people to come and do more work with you in classes, counseling, coaching, and all kinds of services. 
  • Streamlining your workshop so you can meet the goals you’ll be marketing. Most people don’t become successful at doing workshops because they try to do too much and to appeal to too many people and their workshop becomes overwhelming and loses the audience and then you’ve done all that work for very little return. 
  • Releasing ego-based insecurities that keep you playing small. Learn to get out of the way and feel confident, qualified and empowered to do what you Love. 
  • How to present in a powerful way so that you connect with your audience, inspire them and motivate them to make use of your teachings. Regardless of your topic, you can create a GREAT workshop that invites people with inspiration for motivation. There are key steps to avoid so you don’t leave your audience disinterested, just as there are key steps you can take to be effective and inspiring! 
  • Practice in a loving, safe environment.
  • Learn how to read the room and respond effectively, so you can turn on a dime if you need to - and we ALWAYS need to be able to do that. This is essential!!
  • Get certified! Learn how to lead Jennifer Hadley’s Forgive & Be Free Workshop so that you’re ready to go right away. Everyone can use more forgiveness support!  

I decided to take Jennifer's Teacher Training because I knew I wanted to teach people all of the practices that have helped turn my life around but I wasn't sure how to do that. I liked the idea of being trained in giving Jennifer's Forgiveness Workshop so that I wouldn't have to create something completely from scratch.  

During the Training, I was able to develop ideas for my own workshops and I am confident that I will start presenting them in some format very soon along with the forgiveness work. I now feel confident in what I am sharing and the most effective way to share it.  

During Jennifer's workshop, we also did a lot of our own forgiveness work (which I was not expecting) and it really led to huge breakthroughs for me.  

I left the workshop feeling much more confident and having new hope for my future and for living a life I truly love and enjoy. 

~ Nicole Witt

I went to Jennifer’s Inspirational Teaching/Writing/Speaking retreats in Arizona In fall 2018. Although I had a clear moment of guidance to attend this Teacher Training, I experienced many moments of doubt and fear. Anxiety, that I was going to show myself that I wasn't capable and it would be obvious to everyone.  

I went anyway. I held to my faith and trust more than the fear and doubt. I experienced so much healing from facing the fear, it was amazing. I feel so much lighter and freer. I walked through the darkness of fear into the Light with the support and love of Jennifer and all the like-minded souls there, all committed to non-judgement. What better place to venture into the unknown? And I learned so much!! It was worth every penny!  

~ Carla Mahle