Practicing the Principles of A Course in Miracles

Understanding the Ego, The Nature of Reality and Our Way Home to Freedom

6 WEEKS OF 90-MINUTE ONLINE CLASSES All classes (replays, downloads & transcripts) available for download!

Jon Mundy, Ph.D. is an author/lecturer, former university lecturer (1967-2008), and the Executive Director of All Faith Seminary in NYC. He was introduced to A Course in Miracles by its scribe Dr. Helen Schucman in 1975 and began working with the Course in manuscript format. He is the author of 11 Course based books including his best-selling Living A Course in Miracles, (now in 8 languages) and most recently A Course in Mysticism and Miracles. He has produced over 100 YouTube presentations on the Course, including an analysis of every chapter in the text.  


Here are the questions we’ll answer in the class:

  • What is the ego and why does it have no "ultimate" reality?
  • Why does ACIM say, "There is no world?"
  • Why is time, "a vast illusion?"
  • What does it mean, "we live in a dream world?"
  • What does it mean to say, "the script is written?"
  • Why is "forgiveness" the central theme in the Course?
  • According to ACIM, "what is Heaven?"

Gain a better understanding of ACIM and apply the principles of ACIM to everyday life. According to Lesson 101 from the Course, “God's will for us is perfect happiness.” Remove the blocks to Love so you can be easily led to your own greater happiness.

6 weeks of 90-minute classes All classes (replays, downloads & transcripts) available for download!


Textbook for the class: Living A Course in Miracles by Jon Mundy